JK Rowling urges fans to back Scotland rugby team

JK Rowling. Picture: PA
JK Rowling. Picture: PA
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JK ROWLING has urged fans to support the Scottish rugby team today – promising to reward them by writing about the Quidditch World Cup.

The Harry Potter author last month called on her army of fans to “back the boys in blue” after penning a fictional story about a Scots wizard who made it big in the sporting world.

Ahead of Scotland’s home game against France today, the author has asked her fans to retweet a message for the team.

She said: “If you lovely people re-tweet #wizards4Scotlandrugbyteam I’ll put loads on Quidditch World Cup on ­Pottermore.”

She has even renewed her previous claims that three players are “wizard-born”.

Her last attempt to add a touch of magic to the squad worked as they came home victorious from their game in Rome against Italy where they won 21-20 last month.

The 48-year-old author has asked fans to support the team ahead of their latest Six Nations clash and said she would treat them to a new helping of Quidditch-related information.

She wrote: “Scotland-France #6nations. If you lovely people re-tweet #wizards4Scotlandrugbyteam I’ll put loads on Quidditch World Cup on Pottermore.”

She added: “All 3 suspected wizard-borns playing for Scotland tomorrow!”

In last month’s tale she joked that three players – Kelly Brown, Jim Hamilton and Stuart Hogg – were all linked to the wizarding world. She said the fictional Wizarding Supporters of Scottish Rugby Union were always having to deny the link.

She wrote: “Current suspicions include Kelly Brown (possible cousin of Lavender’s), Jim Hamilton (strong resemblance to Hagrid) and Stuart Hogg (enough said).”

The reference was apparently lost on Italy fan Feltonio ­Cuoricino, who quipped: “I’m a muggle, so I don’t know what Qudditich is…Can you explain?”