Jim Murphy supports keeping universal benefits

Murphy also confirmed a raise in taxes for high earners. Picture: John Devlin
Murphy also confirmed a raise in taxes for high earners. Picture: John Devlin
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SCOTTISH Labour leader Jim Murphy said he supports free benefits for all regardless of income – despite a claim by a leading councillor in his party that proponents of universal services are “behind the times”.

Labour councillor David O’Neill, the president of local council umbrella body Cosla, said universal benefits like free bus passes, free prescriptions and free university tuition are popular with voters but “unfit for purpose and unaffordable”.

His speech to Cosla’s conference in Crieff, Perth and Kinross yesterday had echoes of former Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont’s controversial attack on Scotland’s “something for nothing” culture – her own attempt to spark a debate on universal services in 2012.

However, Mr Murphy set himself against Mr O’Neill and Ms Lamont in his own speech to Cosla, saying rich people who pay the taxes that fund benefits should get “something for something”.

Mr Murphy confirmed that Labour at Westminster will raise taxes on the 16,000 Scots who earn more than £150,000 a year and acknowledged that many of them live in his own East Renfrewshire constituency.

The affluent area was formerly the Conservatives’ safest seat in Scotland until Mr Murphy unexpectedly won the constituency in the Labour landslide of 1997.

“I know it’s not popular but I am going to say it – we will raise taxes,” he said.


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