Jet pilot in near miss with drone over Fife

An angry private jet pilot has demanded that drones be identifiable after one came 20m from his aircraft over Fife.

Drones were involved in highest-rated near misses with aircraft near Edinburgh and Glasgow airports.

The near miss, involving an Embraer Legacy 500 on approach to Edinburgh Airport, was given the highest - category A - rating by investigators.

The UK Airprox Board also reported today that in the first incident, near Burntisland on December 14: “providence had played a major part in the incident and/or a definite risk of collision had existed”.

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The board’s report stated: “The pilot commented that he was surprised and angry at the drone’s proximity and stated that a mandatory identification device should be fitted to drones before a multi-million pound engine is destroyed, or worse.

“Having finished the approach briefing, the pilot in charge looked up and saw something black, moving in his peripheral vision on the right.

“He turned and looked right and clearly saw a ‘quadcopter’-like drone.

“There was no time to take avoiding action.”