Jean Campbell murder ‘particularly violent’

Jean Campbell is seen on a newsagent's CCTV
Jean Campbell is seen on a newsagent's CCTV
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A GRANDMOTHER found dead by her husband in a park had suffered a particularly violent attack, detectives investigating her murder said today.

Mother-of-two Jean Campbell, 53, was last seen heading towards Cranhill Park while walking her dog in the east end of Glasgow on Friday night.

Jean Campbell. Picture: Police Scotland

Jean Campbell. Picture: Police Scotland

Her body was discovered at around 7.40am the next day by her husband who had gone out to search for her. Mrs Campbell’s German Shepherd, Kai, was found in the park.

Police have been carrying out door-to-door inquiries, questioning residents of the 300 houses that surround the city park and are examining CCTV footage. Forensic officers have also been at the scene.

Police Scotland detective chief inspector Colin Carey said: “This was a particularly violent attack. Jean was a wife and mother and her family are absolutely distraught.

“I need people to come forward, people who knew Jean, anybody who was in the area who saw her. Anybody who has any concerns about any individual that they know who may have seen or been involved in this incident, please come forward and let us know.”

Mrs Campbell was captured on CCTV at around 10.30pm in the Bellrock Street area, heading towards the park.

She was wearing pyjama bottoms and a black, three-quarter length jacket with a hood.

Detectives did not disclose whether a weapon was used in the attack. Extra police officers have been patrolling the area to reassure local residents.

Superintendent Martin Cloherty said: “There’s a strong sense of community in the Cranhill area and the relationship between the community and the police is very good.

“So we will be using our contacts throughout the area to get public reassurance messages out there.”

CCTV footage also showed Mrs Campbell chatting with staff in a shop near her home earlier in the evening. The images capture the grandmother purchasing a newspaper and a can of dog food and having a conversation with the cashier.

Rakesh Sood, the co-owner of the Cranhill Premier Store, said he was shocked when Mrs Campbell’s son, John, came into his premises on Saturday morning to tell him she had been found dead.

The 57-year-old explained: “We have very fond memories of Jean. She was a very kind, funny lady.

“Any time she was in the shop and any of the kids were short of a few pence for their sweets, Jean would always offer to pay.

“Her son John was the one who came in on Saturday morning to tell us she had been found dead.”

Naresh Gajri, 53, who also runs the shop, said Mrs Campbell came into the shop every day just after 4pm without fail.

He said: “On the Friday night before she died, she came in as normal and that was the last we saw of her.

“Jean was always thinking of others. Every few weeks she would bring a bag of money in with her and hand it over the counter at the Post Office to be donated to Yorkhill Children’s Hospital.”

Mr Gajri’s wife, Shashi, 47, said: “Jean was a lovely woman who loved her family. She had a brain haemorrhage about 10 years ago and lost her son a few years ago.

“She was very upset and talked about him all the time. I cannot believe she is gone. I still expect her to walk through the front door.”

Carol Morrison, a friend of Mrs Campbell’s, said her son and granddaughter later saw her in a nearby kebab shop at around 5.20pm.

She explained: “She was in the kebab shop on Friday night and she gave my wee granddaughter some money for sweets before she went to her dance show.

“Jean was like that, she was always so generous and kind, especially to the weans.

“Jean was a good mum, a good wife and sister and she loved her two grandchildren. This whole community is shocked and stunned that this could happen to Jean. When I heard she was dead, I just broke down in tears.”