Janice Galloway’s ‘stalker’ ex accused of letter

Author Janice Galloway. Picture: Robert Perry/TSPL
Author Janice Galloway. Picture: Robert Perry/TSPL
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A PIANIST sent a letter to the author Janice Galloway asking her to be friends with him and have a party, a court has heard.

Graeme McNaught, 55, is alleged to have hand-delivered the note that also included claims he had ‘fizzy wine’ to drink and share.

Miss Galloway, 59, and McNaught, of Mount Vernon, Glasgow, met in 1990 and had a six year on-off relationship during which they had a son, James.

McNaught, 55, is on trial at Hamilton Sheriff Court and is accused of leaving a letter and having a parcel delivered to Miss Galloway’s home in Uddingston, Lanarkshire.

He also denies repeatedly emailing her agent and husband and breaching bail conditions.

He has lodged a special defence that he was not criminally responsible for the alleged incidents because he was suffering a mental health condition.

A jury heard McNaught was seen posting a letter at the home shared by Miss Galloway, her husband Jonathan May, 53, and friend Alison Cameron, 59, in October last year.

The letter said: “I’m risking nothing at all by asking you to call.

“I have fizzy wine in the fridge and I am in a celebratory mood.

“I want to get on with you three, will someone be prepared to talk?

“You have been confused, I know it’s been hard but believe me I have not.

“I have only wished for James to be at one with his parents and for us all to party.”

The trial also heard details from an email allegedly sent to Mr May from McNaught’s email address later that month that praised Miss Galloway’s work but also said other people thought it was ‘crap’.

It read: “Dear Jonathan, I used to think you were a good singer, now I think you are a very poor singer indeed.

“I also think your wife is a good writer however there are others who think she is crap.”

A further email said: “I don’t think you are going to do me for harassment because that would be a bit poofy.

“I’m having a happy evening with friends, your evening may well be punctuated by Janice and Alison bickering or Janice offering unwelcome cups of tea.

“She must be a mess right now.”

The jury later heard an interview police held with McNaught after he was detained in connection with the allegations.

McNaught was questioned about a copy of one of Miss Galloway’s books that had been delivered to her house.

He said: “I know the book, it is one of the worst bits of literature ever written.

“It is a terrible book, just like every other Janice Galloway book.

“I say that as a reader and a teacher of the arts, it is not personal.”

McNaught refused to comment on his relationship with Miss Galloway or on any of the allegations he faces during the interview.

The trial before Sheriff Marie Smart continues.


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