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Round robin? It's still on our tree. So Happy New Year!


We’ve made it. Another year survived and as Hogmanay approaches I think a round robin letter might be in order so we can list our triumphs and not so triumphs for friends and family. I seem to have missed the Christmas window on this one so New Year is perfect.

“Aaaaagggggghhhhh,” says Youngest when I broach the subject. “Family newsletter, hate it, hate it, hate it. No, no, no.”

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“Well you’ve done one for Other Parent and it always looks lovely,” I say. “I love reading other people’s too. All those smiling faces and positive achievements. How else will anyone know what you’ve been up to this year?”

“They can ask us,” growls Middle. “When we see them. We can tell them.”

“Yeah,” echoes Youngest.

“But what about those people we don’t see? And you can attach pictures, talk about the highs and lows . Put it all in perspective. You went to Portugal, worked on an organic farm,” I say to Middle, and to Youngest: “You played hockey and we went to Barcelona and Florence. Eldest has been gigging and loving going to college. And there were sad things too this year. Your papa died, you could mention that…”

“Yeah, that made us sad,” says Middle. “Obviously. So do we need to write it in a newsletter to tell people? They know. I don’t want to write out my obvious emotions for people to read, to try and put things into words. Anyone who knows us knows we’re sad. What’s the point?”

“I don’t mind,” says Eldest mildly.

“Good,” I say. “In that case can you cut and paste the stuff you all wrote for Other Parent’s round robin newsletter and I’ll just attach some of my pictures and we’ll have one to send out too.”

“No Mother,” says Middle. “Your rubbish late Christmas cards with just our names signed on them are the best. That’s what we do. Just wish people a happy new year, that’s all you need to do.”

OK then, Happy New Year! From Youngest, Middle, Eldest and Me. n