Jambo road worker leaves permanent ‘5-1’ reminder of Hibs’ darkest hour on Easter Road

The scoreline and date of the game have been embedded outside the Coopers Rest Pub. Picture: Neil Hanna
The scoreline and date of the game have been embedded outside the Coopers Rest Pub. Picture: Neil Hanna
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A HEARTS-daft road worker has made a lasting impression on Easter Road – by Tarmacing the scoreline of the Scottish Cup final victory on to the pavement.

James Dow, 31, added to the ever growing number of taunts arising out of Hearts’ Hampden victory over Hibs by laying chalk fragments in a 5-1 shape into asphalt 
outside the Coopers Rest pub.

The scoreline

The scoreline

The season-ticket holder said he seized the opportunity to perform the brazen wind-up after learning he would be resurfacing pavement close to Hibs’ home ground last week.

As well as the a mosaic of the humiliating drubbing, Mr Dow, who lives in Inverkeithing, also added a rather indecipherable 
impression of the date of the Scottish Cup final “19:05:12”.

He said: “It was a normal day at work when I got a sheet saying that I had to do work on Easter Road – I knew what I had to do.

“There were other workmen there but I did it on my own so it was a one-man job.

“When you put asphalt down you are supposed to put the white chalk in it. I even tried to make the patch of Tarmac into the shape of the Scottish Cup which didn’t turn out so well.”

Mr Dow then laid out the chalk pieces to resemble the 5-1 result.

“It was on Easter Road and being a Hearts fan, when they beat us 1-0 recently [former striker] Garry O’Connor was giving it loads on Twitter with pictures winding up Hearts fans. I thought there could be no better place for revenge than Easter Road, where Hibs fans would have to walk up and down and that there would be nothing they could do unless they dig it up.”

The prank has generated a raft of comments from fans of both clubs online. “I put a picture of it on Facebook and all the Hearts fans were saying it’s first class,” he said. “Hibs fans weren’t so happy about it and I got people saying ‘You’ll be getting your P45’ and ‘You’re a muppet’.

“It’s probably not the done thing when you are working and I’ll probably have to go back to re-do it. But I will be in no rush to do so.”

Mr Dow, who works for a commercial road surfacing firm, said he doesn’t think his employer knows about the jape but believes the work has been signed off as adequate.

He said: “My bosses don’t know yet but I don’t think I’ll get in too much trouble. Hopefully they will see the funny side of it.”

At the weekend we revealed how Hearts fan Mark Ross duped Hibs boss Pat Fenlon and club chairman Rod Petrie into posing for a picture on a Christmas night out, while pulling a 5-1 hand gesture behind their backs.