Jail for yob who bit clubber's nose in brawl

A CLUBBER sank his teeth into the nose of a man who barged into him and spilled his drink, a court has heard.

Jai Whyte, 21, was jailed for 20 months yesterday after he admitted leaving victim Allan Campbell scarred for life.

The scene in The Picture House in Edinburgh's Lothian Road was described as being like two footballers squaring up to each other, forehead to forehead, after a tackle.

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Fiscal Ruth Ross-Davie, prosecuting, told the city's Sheriff Court that trouble began just after midnight.

Mr Campbell, 18, was on the dance floor with a friend, then headed for the bar, she said.

"As he did so he barged into Whyte, causing Whyte's drink to spill.

"Whyte then bit the nose of Mr Campbell, which went on for several seconds before he released his grip and, when he did so, Mr Campbell felt his nose had been partially severed."

Club stewards helped Mr Campbell and called in police, the court heard.

Whyte pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr Campbell to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement on 2 April.

The court heard that Mr Campbell was taken to hospital but allowed to go home once doctors were satisfied the injury was not affecting his breathing.