IT knowledge in Argyll and Bute transforms lives

The Argyll and Bute branch of a national volunteering programme that helps disabled and older people with their computer problems is supporting people in the local area with their IT needs.

AbilityNet helps disabled and older people aged 55 and over use technology and the internet.

AbilityNet helps disabled and older people use computers and the internet, whatever their disability. Access to the internet can be hugely empowering, especially if they have limited mobility or lack the resources to get out and about as much as they would like.

AbilityNet offers a free helpline and its website offers lots of free advice and information. One of its free services is ITCanHelp, a national network of Disclosure-checked volunteers who can visit disabled and older people in their homes and diagnose and fix most computer related problems.

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This may include installing and setting up hardware, software, internet and email, as well as changing settings to make equipment more user-friendly.

Chris Grant, the ITCanHelp Scotland co-ordinator, says that many people want to use computers and the internet but don’t know where to start.

He said: “Around 10.5 million adults don’t have basic digital skills and a large proportion of disabled and older people have never been online and are therefore excluded from many activities we all take for granted.”

For the past two decades, ITCanHelp’s 300 volunteers have been providing disabled and older people nationwide with the vital IT support they need. If you could benefit from the service or are interested in joining the volunteering team, call 0800 269 545, email [email protected] or visit