IS threat to oil

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For three years the Islamic State (IS) under its various guises has been rampaging through Syria and Iraq.

The western powers helped this group to grow by allowing “allies” Saudi Arabia and Qatar to send them arms and money.

David Cameron and Barack Obama were more than happy to see IS overthrow Bashar al-Assad (in Syria) and battle with the weak government of Iraq. What has prompted both men now to act is not a concern for the Yazidis, but a fear Isis will take control of the Kurdistan oil fields.

Several US oil companies have major investments in these fields and they would be jeopardised by an Isis takeover.

Mr Cameron and Mr Obama’s concern for the Yazidis is entirely bogus and stands opposite to their callous indifference to the people being slaughtered in Gaza and eastern Ukraine. In both cases the US is resupplying the aggressor with weapons.

The UK going back into Iraq on American coat tails is a mistake. It is being done simply to reassert US/UK hegemony over the Middle East.

Alan Hinnrichs

Gillespie Terrace


In RESPONSE to the situation in northern Iraq, France has announced it will supply weapons to the Kurdish forces fighting the Sunni extremists from the Islamic State (IS) group (your report, 14 August).

The US and the West are going to spend billions on this conflict but what about those countries closer to the action?

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have the weaponry, the armed forces and the oil money to effectively tackle the IS threat on their doorsteps.

Arab politicians need to take responsibility for their region before it is too late.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road