‘Iron Brew’ e-cigarette flavour a hit with Scottish vapers

There have been largely positive reviews for the "Iron Brew" flavoured vapour. Picture: AFP/Getty
There have been largely positive reviews for the "Iron Brew" flavoured vapour. Picture: AFP/Getty
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AN e-cigarette firm has produced an “Iron Brew” vapour, which Scots are hailing it as “just like the real thing”.

Vapemate recently added the flavour to their repertoire, claiming it to be “a great recreation of the classic Scottish soft drink”.

The flavour is available on the website Vapemate.

The flavour is available on the website Vapemate.

Dozens of reviewers agree with the assessment, one person even claiming they could “feel the fizz on their tongue”.

The makers of Irn Bru insisted the product was not approved by them but said they had no plans to take action against the firm.

Critics of the product insist it has an unpleasant “soapy” flavour.

The description on Vapemate’s website reads: “This isn’t made from girders but it does deliver some seriously steely flavour.

“A great recreation of the classic Scottish soft drink, our Iron Brew e-liquid delivers a punch packed with sweet fruity vapour and a long lasting aftertaste.”

The firm, based in Brentwood, Essex, also jokingly add: “Please note, this e-liquid can be known to crack some plastic tanks.”

Those wishing to buy the flavour can choose from a range of blends, nicotine strengths and amount of product, with prices ranging from £2.99-£22.99.

Out of 75 reviews left on the site, 66 have rated the product either four or five stars.

Marina S, who left a review two days ago, said: “Bought this for someone from Scotland as a little surprise due to reading good reviews. He loved it and had finished the liquid in three days.”

Neil J also gave the product a five-star rating, and said: “Great taste, on my second bottle. If you like Iron Brew this tastes just like the real thing.”

Garry M wrote: “I haven’t been able to have Iron Brew for a few years due to being caffeine intolerant. I bought this because of the reviews and wow, it tastes just like the real thing.”

He added: “Oddly I can even feel the fizz on my tongue. A perfect replica and is on my list for every order.”

Not everyone is impressed by the attempt to recreate the flavour of Irn Bru.

Bob McKean wrote: “Being a vodka and Irn Bru drinker and Scottish to boot, I’m afraid I did not like this at all. Tasted a bit like soap and wouldn’t buy it again.”

Ezra P added: “Very minor after taste of Irn Bru. But before that you have the dry, soap-flavoured inhale. I’ll probably not buy again.”

Those who order the product will be sent a plastic 10ml bottle holding the liquid, which contains “pharmaceutical grade nicotine”.

The liquid is poured into an e-cigarette ‘reservoir’ where it is then converted into vapour to be inhaled.

Other bizarre e-liquid flavours offered on the site include Christmas Pudding, Malt Whisky, Pina Colada and Chocolate Custard Pie.

A spokesman for A. G. Barr said: “Despite claims to be a recreation of our classic soft drink, this product isn’t affiliated with the real Irn Bru.

“It’s also not authorised or endorsed by A. G. Barr.”

The British Medical Association (BMA) recently called for a ban on e-cigarette use in bars and restaurants.

Senior doctors said that allowing people to vape openly normalises the habit, and could encourage children to take it up.

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