‘Incredinburgh’ - New slogan for city ‘is appalling’

CITY leaders have rejected a new branding slogan for the Capital, describing it as “appalling” and “twee”.

Marketing Edinburgh, which has been charged with coming up with a new campaign to brand the city, has had its favoured choice of “Incredinburgh” rejected.

Other catchphrases such as “Paintthetownredinburgh” and “Wellfedinburgh” were also met with little favour by city councillors.

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As a result the council-funded firm has been forced to delay the city’s long-awaited rebranding with a more limited winter campaign being planned instead.

Tory group leader Cllr Cameron Rose said: “Some of the slogans are a bit twee and when you first hear “Incredinburgh”, I’m afraid it just doesn’t cut it.”

Former council leader Jenny Dawe said: “I think these ideas are appalling.”

A council spokesperson said: “As with all marketing campaigns, ideas evolve during discussions between partner organisations. We look forward to the launch of the new campaign this winter.”