In Full: The Local Election Count results

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WITH Labour losing control of Glasgow council for the first time since 1980, the SNP returning the most councillors and the Conservatives making sweeping gains across the country it has been a very intriguing election for a number of reasons.

To get a better understanding of how the vote took shape in your area and beyond, here are the results from every ward in the country.

Election staff count ballot papers for the local elections at the Emirates Stadium in Glasgow. Picture: PA

Election staff count ballot papers for the local elections at the Emirates Stadium in Glasgow. Picture: PA

Aberdeen City

SNP (19), CON (11), LAB (9), LD (4), IND (2)

Ward 1 - Dyce, Bucksburn and Danestone - Barney Crockett (LAB), Neil MacGregor (SNP), Avril Mackenzie (CON), Gill Samarai (SNP)

Ward 2 - Bridge of Don - Allison Alphonse (SNP), Brett Hunt (CON), John Reynolds (IND), Sandy Stuart (SNP)

Scottish Tory Leader Ruth Davidson (centre) was celebrating significant gains for her party across the country. Picture: PA

Scottish Tory Leader Ruth Davidson (centre) was celebrating significant gains for her party across the country. Picture: PA

Ward 3 - Kingswells, Sheddocksley and Summerhill - David Cameron (SNP), Steve Delaney (LD), John Wheeler (CON)

Ward 4 - Northfield & Mastrick North - Jackie Dunbar (SNP), Gordon Graham (LAB), Ciaran McRae (SNP)

Ward 5 - Hilton, Woodside and Stockethill - Neil Copland (SNP), Lesley Dunbar (LAB), Freddie John (CON)

Ward 6 - Tillydrone, Seaton and Old Aberdeen - Ross Grant (LAB), Alexander Mclellan (SNP), Jim Noble (SNP)

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon arriving with SNP Councillor Susan Aitken and meeting supporters and councillors at the Emirates Stadium in Glasgow. Picture: PA

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon arriving with SNP Councillor Susan Aitken and meeting supporters and councillors at the Emirates Stadium in Glasgow. Picture: PA

Ward 7 - Midstocket and Rosemount - Bill Cormie (SNP), Jenny Laing (LAB), Tom Mason (CON)

Ward 8- George Street/Harbour - Dell Henrickson (SNP), Ryan Houghton (CON), Michael Hutchison (SNP), Sandra MacDonald (LAB)

Ward 9 - Lower Deeside - Philip Bell (CON), Marie Boulton (IND), M. Taqueer Malik (LAB)

Ward 10 - Hazlehead, Queen’s Cross and Countesswells - John Cooke (SNP), Martin Greig (LD), Claire Imrie (CON), Jennifer Stewart (LD)

Ward 11 - Airyhall, Broomhill and Garthdee - Douglas Lumsden (CON), Gordon Townson (SNP), Ian Yuill (LD)

Ward 12 - Torry and Ferryhill - Yvonne Allan (LAB), Christian Allard (SNP), Alan Donnelly (CON), Catriona Mackenzie (SNP)

Ward 13 - Kincorth, Nigg and Cove - Sarah Duncan (LAB), Stephen Flynn (SNP), Alex Nicoll (SNP), Philip Sellar (CON)


CON (23), SNP (21), LD (14), IND (10), LAB (1), GREEN (1)

Ward 1 - Banff and District - John Cox (IND), Glen Reynolds (SNP), Mike Roy (CON)

Ward 2 - Troup - Mark Findlater (CON), Ross Cassie (SNP), Hamish Partridge (IND)

Ward 3 - Fraserburgh & District - Charles Buchan (SNP), Doreen Mair (IND), Andy Kille (CON), Brian Topping (SNP)

Ward 4 - Central Buchan - Anne Buchan (Scottish Conservatives), Norman Smith (IND), Jim Ingram (SNP), Anne Simpson (LD)

Ward 5 - Peterhead North and Rattray - Anne Allan (SNP), Dianne Beagrie (CON), Alan S Buchan (IND), Iain Sutherland (IND)

Ward 6 - Peterhead South and Cruden - Stephen Smith (SNP), Stephen Calder (Ind), Alan Fakley (Scottish Conservatives

Ward 7 - Turriff and District - Alastair Forsyth (SNP), Iain Taylor (Conservatives), Sandy Duncan (Ind), Anne Robertson (Lib Dems)

Ward 8 - Mid Formartine - Karen Adam (SNP), Paul Johnston (Ind), Andrew Hassan (Lib Dems), Jim Gifford (Scottish Conservatives)

Ward 9 - Ellon and District - Isobel Davidson (Lib Dem), Richard Thomson (SNP), Gillian Owen (Conservatives), Anouk Kahanov-Kloppert (SNP)

Ward 10 - West Garioch - Victoria Harper (SNP), Sebastian Leslie (Scottish Conservatives), Hazel Smith (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Ward 11 - Inverurie and District - Neil Baillie (SNP), Colin Clark (Scottish Conservatives), Marion Ewenson (Lib Dems), Judy Whyte (Ind)

Ward 12 - East Garioch - Martin Ford (Scottish Green Party), Dominic Lonchay (Conservative), Fergus Hood (Lib Dems), Glen Reid (SNP)

Ward 13 - Westhill and District - David Aitchison (SNP), Ron McKail (Conservatives), iris Walker (Lib Dem), Alistair McKelvie (Conservatives)

Ward 14 - Huntly, Strathbogie and Howe of Alford - Moira Ingleby (Con), John Latham (Lib Dems), Gwyneth Petrie (SNP), Robbie Withey (Con)

Ward 15 - Aboyne, Upper Deeside and Donside - Peter Argyle (Lib Dems), Geva Blackett (SNP), Paul Gibb (Conservatives)

Ward 16 - Banchory and Mid Deeside - Rosemary Bruce (Lib Dems), Eileen Durno (SNP), Ann Ross (Scottish Conservatives)

Ward 17 - North Kincardine - Ian Mollison (Lib Dems), Alastair Bews (SNP), Alison Evison (Scottish Labour) Colin Pike (Conservatives)

Ward 18 - Stonehaven and Lower Deeside - Wendy Agnew (Cons.), Sarah Dickinson (Lib Dems), Dennis Robertson (SNP), Sandy Wallace (Cons.)

Ward 19 - Mearns - George Carr (Cons.), Bill Howatson (Lib Dems), Jeff Hutchison (Cons.), Leigh Wilson (SNP)

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SNP (9), IND (9), CON (8), LD (2)

Ward 1 - Kirriemuir and Dean - Jeanette Gaul (SNP), Julie Bell (SNP), Ronnie Proctor (CON)

Ward 2 - Brechin and Edzell - Gavin Nicol CONS, Kenny Braes SNP, Bob Myles IND

Ward 3 - Forfar and District - Colin Brown (Indep), Lynne Devine (SNP), Braden Davy (CONS) and Ian McLaren (INDEPENDENT)

Ward 4 - Monifieth and Sidlaw - Craig Fotheringham (CONS), Sheila Hands (SNP), Ben Lawrie (Scottish Lib) and Beth Whiteside (SNP)

Ward 5 - Carnoustie and District - Mark McDonald (SNP), David Cheape (INDEP), Brian Boyd (INDEP)

Ward 6 - Arbroath West - Letham and Friockheim. David Fairweather (IND), Alex King (SNP), David Lumgair (CONS), Richard Moore (Lib)

Ward 7 - Arbroath East & Lunan - Brenda Durno (SNP), Lois Speed (Independent), Derek Wann (Scottish Conservative & Unionist)

Ward 8 - Montrose & District - Bill Duff (SNP), Mark Salmond (Ind), Tommy Stewart (Ind) Ron Sturrock (Cons)

Argyll and Bute

SNP (11), IND (10), CON (9), LD (6)

Ward 1 - South Kintyre - Voting in Ward 1 was not required as the number of candidates matched the number of vacancies.

John Armour, Scottish National Party (SNP); Rory Colville, Scottish Liberal Democrats; and Donald Kelly, Scottish Conservative and Unionist.

Ward 2 - Kintyre and the Islands - Robin Currie, Scottish Liberal Democrats; Anne Horn, Scottish National Party (SNP) and Alastair Redman, Scottish Conservative and Unionist.

Ward 3 - Mid Argyll - Donnie MacMillan (IND), Douglas Trevor Philand (IND), Sandy Taylor (SNP)

Ward 4 - Oban South and the Isles - Mary-Jean Devon (IND), Jim Lynch (SNP), Roddy McCuish (IND), Jamie McGrigor (CON)

Ward 5 - Oban North and Lorn - Kieron Green, (IND), Julie McKenzie, (SNP), Elaine Robertson (IND); Andrew Vennard (CON)

Ward 6 - Cowal - William Blair, Scottish National Party (SNP); Yvonne McNeilly (CON), Alan Reid (LD)

Ward 7 - Dunoon - Jim Anderson, Independent; Audrey E Forrest, Scottish National Party (SNP) Bobby Good (CON)

Ward 8 - Isle of Bute - Jim Findlay, Scottish National Party (SNP); Jean Murray Moffat, Independent, Len Scoullar, Independent

Ward 9 - Lomond North - George Freeman, Independent; Barbara Morgan, CON, Iain Shonny Paterson SNP

Ward 10 - Helensburgh Central - Lorna Douglas, Scottish National Party; Graham Archibald Hardie, Scottish Liberal Democrats, Aileen Morton, Scottish Liberal Democrats; Gary Mulvaney, Scottish Conservative and Unionist.

Ward 11 - Helensburgh and Lomond South - David Kinniburgh (CON), Ellen Morton (LD) and Richard Trail (SNP)


SNP (19), CON (18), LAB (12), GREEN (8), LD (6)

Ward 1 - Almond - Kevin Lang (LD), Louise Young (LD), Graham Hutchison (CON), Norrie Work (SNP)

(Green), Lewis Ritchie (SNP)

Ward 2 - Pentland Hills - Graeme Bruce (Con), Neil Gardiner (SNP), Ricky Henderson (Lab), Susan Webber (Con)

Ward 3 - Drum Brae/Gyle - Robert Aldridge (Lib Dem), Claire Bridgman (SNP), Mark Brown (Con)

Ward 4 - Forth - Eleanor Bird (SNP), Jim Campbell (Cons), Cammy Day (Lab),George Gordon (SNP)

Ward 5 - Inverleith - Gavin Barrie (SNP), Max Mitchell (Con), Hal Osler (Lib Dem), Iain Whyte (Con)

Ward 6 - Corstorphine/Murrayfield - Scott Douglas (Con), Gillian Gloyer (Lib Dem), Frank Ross (SNP)

Ward 7 - Sighthill/Gorgie - Denis Dixon (SNP), Catherine Fullerton (SNP), Ashley Graczyk (Con), Donald Wilson (Lab)

Ward 8 - Colinton/Fairmilehead - Scott Arthur (Lab), Phil Doggart (Con, Jason Rust (Con)

Ward 9 -Fountainbridge/Craiglockhart - Gavin Corbett (Green), Andrew Johnston (Con), David Key (SNP)

Ward 10 - Meadows/Morningside - Nick Cook (Con), Melanie Main (Green), Neil Ross (Lib Dem), Mandy Watt (Lab)

Ward 11 - City Centre - Karen Doran (Lab), Claire Miller (Green), Jo Mowat (Con), Alasdair Rankin (SNP)

Ward 12 - Leith Walk - Marion Donaldson (Lab), Amy McNeese-Mechan (SNP), Susan Rae

Southside/Newington - Steve Burgess (GREEN), Alison Dickie (SNP), Ian Perry (LAB), Cameron Rose (CON)

Ward 13 - Leith - Chas Booth (Green), Adam McVey (SNP), Gordon John Munro (Lab)

Ward 14 - Craigentinny/Duddingston - Ian Campbell (SNP), Joan Griffiths (LAB), John McLellan (CON) Alex Staniforth (GREEN)

Ward 15 - Southside/Newington - Steve Burgess (GREEN), Alison Dickie (SNP), Ian Perry (LAB), Cameron Rose (CON)

Ward 16 - Liberton/ Gimerton - Lezley Cameron (LAB), Derek Howie (SNP), Lesley Macinnes (SNP), Stephanie Smith (CON)

Ward 17 - Portobello/Craigmillar - Kate Campbell (SNP), Mary Campbell (Green), Maureen Child (Lab) , Callum Laidlaw (Con)

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SNP (8), LAB (5), CON (5)

Ward 1 - Clack Central - Phil Fairlie (SNP), Derek Stewart (LAB), Mike Watson (CON)

Ward 2 - Clack East - Graham Lindsay (SNP), Kathleen Martin (LAB), Bill Mason (CON)

Ward 3 - Clack North - Donald Balsillie (SNP), Martha Benny (CON), Dave Clark (LAB), Archie Drummond (SNP)

Ward 4 - Clack South - Chris Dixon (CON), Kenneth Earle (LAB), Ellen Forson (SNP), Craig Holden (SNP)

Ward 5 - Clack West - Darren Lee (CON), George Matchett (LAB), Tina Murphy (SNP), Les Sharp (SNP)

Dumfries and Galloway

CON (16), LAB (11), SNP (11), IND (4), LD (1)

Ward 1 - Stranraer and the Rhins - Willie Scobie*, Andrew Giusti (Con), Tommy Sloan (Lab), Ros Surtees (SNP)

Ward 2 - Mid Galloway & Wigtown West - Graham Nicol (Con), David Inglis (Con), Jim McColm (Ind) and Katie Hagmann (SNP)

Ward 3 - Dee and Glenkens - Patsy Gilroy (Con), Dougie Campbell (SNP) and Jane Maitland (Ind)

Ward 4 - Castle Douglas and Crocketford - Iain Howie (Ind), David James (Con) and John Young (SNP)

Ward 5 - Abbey - Ian Blake (Con), Davie Stitt (Lab) and Rob Davidson (SNP)

Ward 6 - North West Dumfries - Graham Bell (Con), Andy Ferguson (SNP), David McKie (Lab) and Ronnie Nicholson (Lab)

Ward 7 - Mid and Upper Nithsdale - Jim Dempster (Lab), Matthew Ronnie (Con) and Andrew Wood (SNP)

Ward 8 - Lochar - John Charteris (Con), Ivor Hyslop (Con), Jeff Leaver (Lab) and Tracey Little (SNP)

Ward 9 - Nith - John Campbell (SNP), Malcolm Johnstone (Con), Elaine Murray (Lab) and John Martin (Lab)

Ward 10 - Annandale South result - Ian Carruthers (Con), Richard Brodie (Lib), Sean Marshall (Lab) and Henry McLelland (SNP)

Ward 11 - Annandale North - Gail McGregor (Con), Douglas Fairbarin (Con), Stephen Thompson (SNP) and Adam Wilson (Lab)

Ward 12 - Annandale East and Eskdale - Karen Carruthers (Con), Ronnie Tait (Con) and Archie Dryburgh (Lab)

Dundee City

SNP (14), LAB (9), CON (3), LD (2), IND (1)

Ward 1 - Strathmartine - John Alexander (SNP), Ian Borthwick (IND), Stewart Hunter (SNP), Kevin Keenan (LAB)

Ward 2 - Lochee - Charlie Malone (LAB), MIchael Marra (LAB), Alan Ross (SNP), Roisin Smith (SNP)

Ward 3 - West End - Bill Campbell (SNP), Donald Hay (CON), Fraser Macpherson (LD), Richard McCready (LAB)

Ward 4 - Coldside - Mark Flynn (SNP), George McIrvine (LAB), Anne Rendall (SNP), Helen Wright (LAB)

Ward 5 - Maryfield - Georgia Cruickshank (LAB), Ken Lynn (SNP), Lynne Short (SNP)

Ward 6 - North East - Brian Gordon (LAB), Gregor Murray (SNP), Willie Sawers (SNP)

Ward 7 - East End - Will Dawson (SNP), Margaret Richardson (LAB), Christina Roberts (SNP)

Ward 8 - The Ferry - Kevin Cordell (SNP), Craig Duncan (LD), Derek Scott (CON), Philip Scott (CON)

East Ayrshire

SNP (14), LAB (9), CON (6), IND (3)

Ward 1 - Annick - Ellen Freel (IND), Gordon Jenkins (SNP), John MacFadzean (CON), John McGhee (LAB)

Ward 2 - Kilmarnock North - Helen Coffey (SNP), Ian Grant (CON), Maureen McKay (LAB)

Ward 3 - Kilmarnock West & Crosshouse - Tom Cook (CON), Lillian Jones (LAB), Iain Linton (SNP)

Ward 4 - Kilmarnock East & Hurlford - Fiona Campbell (SNP), John Campbell (SNP), Barry Douglas (LAB), Jon Herd (CON)

Ward 5 - Kilmarnock South - John Knapp (LAB), Clare Maitland (SNP), Jim Todd (SNP)

Douglas Reid (SNP)

Ward 6 - Irvine Valley - Sally Cogley (The Rubbish Party), George Mair (LAB), Elena Whitham (SNP)

Ward 7 - Ballochmyle - Calire Leitch (SNP), Neil McGhee (LAB), Jim Roberts (SNP), Alyson Simmons (CON)

Ward 8 - Cumnock & New Cumnock - Billy Crawford (LAB), Jim McMahon (SNP), Jacqui Todd (SNP), Walter Young (CON)

Ward 9 - Doon Valley - John Bell (SNP), Elaine Dinwoodie (LAB), Drew Filson - (IND)

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East Dunbartonshire

SNP (7), LD (6), CON (6), LAB (2), IND (1)

Ward 1 - Milngavie - Jim Gibbons (SNP), Jim Goodall (Liberal Democrats) and Graeme McGinnigle (Conservative)

Ward 2 - Bearsden North - Duncan Cumming (IND), Sheila Mechan (CON),

Rosie O’Neil (LD)

Ward 3 - Bearsden South - Denis Johnston (SNP), Vaughan Moody (LD) and Andrew Polson (CON)

Ward 4 - Bishopbriggs North and Campsie - Paul Ferretti (SNP), ​​​​​​​Mohrag Fischer (SNP), Billy Hendry (Conservative), Gary Pews (Liberal Democrats)

Ward 5 - Bishopbriggs South - Alan Brown (CON), Gordan Low (SNP) & Alan Moir (LAB)

Ward 6 - Lenzie & Kirkintilloch South - Rod Ackland (LD), Gillian Renwick (SNP), Sandra Thornton (CON)

Ward 7 - Kirkintilloch East & North & Twechar - John Jamieson (SNP), Stewart MacDonald (Labour) & Susan Murray (Lib Dems)

East Lothian

LAB (9), CON (7), SNP (6)

Ward 1 - Musselburgh - Stuart Currie (SNP), Andy Forrest (LAB), Katie Mackie (CON), John Williamson (SNP)

Ward 2 - Preston, Seton & Gosford - Lachlan Bruce (Scot Cons), Neil Gilbert (SNP), Willie Innes (LAB) and Fiona O’Donnell (LAB)

Ward 3 - Tranent, Wallyford & Macmerry - Fiona Dugdale (Scottish Labour), Gordon Mackett (Scottish Cons) Colin McGinn (Scottish Labour) and Kenny McLeod (SNP)

Ward 4 - North Berwick Coastal - Jeremy Findlay (Scottish Cons), Jim Goodfellow (Scottish Labour) & Jane Henderson (Scot Cons)

Ward 5 - Haddington & Lammermuir - Shamin Akhtar, (Scot Lab), John McMillan (Scot Lab), Brian Small (Scot Cons), Tom Trotter (SNP)

Ward 6 - Dunbar & East Linton - Norman Hampshire (Scot Lab), Sue Kempson (Cons) & Paul McLennan (SNP)

East Renfrewshire

CON (7), SNP (5), LAB (4), IND (2)

Ward 1 - Barrhead, Liboside & Uplawmoor - Paul Aitken (CON),Angela Convery (SNP),Betty Cunningham (LAB),Danny Devlin (IND)

Ward 2 - Newton Mearns North & Neilston - Tony Buchanan (SNP), Charlie Gilbert (CON), Paul O’Kane (LAB)

Ward 3 - Giffnock and Thornliebank - Jim Fletcher (LAB), Colm Merrick (SNP), Gordon Wallace (CON)

Ward 4 - Clarkston, Netherlee and Williamwood - Annette Ireland (SNP), Alan Lafferty (LAB), David MacDonald (IND), Stewart Miller (CON)

Ward 5 - Newton Mearns South and Eaglesham - Caroline Bamforth (SNP), Barbara Grant (CON), Jim McLean (CON), Jim Swift (CON)


SNP (12), LAB (9), CON (7), IND (2)

Ward 1 - Boness & Blackness - David Aitchison (LAB), Lynn Munro (CON), Ann Ritchie (SNP)

Ward 2 - Grangemouth - David Balfour (SNP), Allyson Black (LAB), Robert Spears (IND)

Ward 3 - Denny and Banknock - Jim Blackwood (LAB), Fiona Elizabeth Collie (SNP), Paul Garner (SNP), Nigel Harris (CON)

Ward 4 - Carse, Kinnaird and Tryst - Gary Bouse (SNP), Joan Margaret Coombes (LAB)

Jim Flynn (CON), Laura Murtagh (SNP)

Ward 5 - Bonnybridge and Larbert - Billy Buchanan (IND), Tom Coleman (SNP), David Grant (CON)

Ward 6 - Falkirk North - David Alexander (SNP), Robert Bissett (LAB), Dennis Goldie (LAB), Cecil Meiklejohn (SNP)

Ward 7 - Falkirk South - Lorna Catherine Binnie (SNP), John Patrick (CON), Pat Reid (LAB)

Ward 8 - Lower Braes - Adanna Bridget McCue (SNP), Malcolm Nicol (CON), Alan Nimmo (LAB)


SNP (29), LAB (24), CON (15), LD (7)

Ward 1 - West Fife and Coastal Villages - Bobby Clelland (LAB), Mino Manekshaw (CON), Kate Stewart (SNP)

Ward 2 - Dunfermline North - Gavin Ellis (CON), Ian Ferguson (SNP), Helen Law (LAB)

Ward 3 - Dunfermline Central - Alan Craig (CON), Garry Haldane (LAB), Jean Hall Muir (SNP), Jim Leishman (LAB)

Ward 4 - Dunfermline South - James Calder (LD), Ross Paterson (LAB) David Ross, Cons, Fay Sinclair, SNP

Ward 5 - Rosyth - Tony Orton (CON), Samantha Steele (SNP), Andrew Verrecchia (LAB)

Ward 6 - Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay - David John Barratt (SNP), Dave Dempsey (Cons), Lesley Laird (LAB), Alice McGarry (SNP)

Ward 7 - Cowdenbeath - Alistair Bain (SNP), Alex Campbell (LAB), Gary Guichan (LAB), Dareen Watt (CON)

Ward 8 - Lochgelly, Cardenden & Benarty - Mary Bain Lockhart Lab, Linda Erskine Lab, Rosemary Liewald SNP, Lea McClelland SNP

Ward 9 - Burntisland, Kinghorn and Western Kirkcaldy - Lesley Backhouse, SNP, Gordon Langlands, Labour, Kathleen Leslie, Cons

Ward 10 - Kirkcaldy North - Neil Crooks (LAB), Carol Lindsay (SNP), David Ross (Lab)

Ward 11 - Kirkcaldy Central - Alistair Cameron (LAB), Judy Hamilton (LAB) , Zoe Hisbent (SNP)

Ward 12 - Kirkcaldy East - Ian John Cameron (LAB), Rod Cavanagh (SNP), Richard Watt, (CON)

Ward 13 - Glenrothes West and Kinglassie - Altany Craik, (LAB), Julie Ford (SNP), Craig Walker (SNP)

Ward 14 - Glenrothes Central and Thornton - Derek Noble (LAB), Ross Vettraino (SNP), Vikki Wilton, (SNP)

Ward 15 - Glenrothes North, Leslie and Markinch - John Beare, SNP, Fiona Grant, SNP, Michael Green, Cons, Jan Wincott, Labour

Ward 16 - Howe of Fife and Tay Coast - Andy Heer, Con, Donald Lothian, Lib Dem, David MacDiarmid, SNP

Ward 17 - Tay Bridgehead - Tim Brett (LD), Bill Connor (SNP) Jonny Tepp (LD)

Ward 18 - St Andrews - Jane Anne Liston, (LD), Dominic Nolan (CON), Brian Thomson (LAB), Ann Verner (SNP)

Buckhaven, Methil and Wemyss Villages - Ken Caldwell (SNP), David Graham, Labour / John O’Brien, SNP Ryan Smart, Labour

Ward 19 - East Neuk and Landward - John Docherty (SNP), Linda Holt (CON), Bill Porteous (LD)

Ward 20 - Cupar - Margaret Kennedy (LD), Karen Alison Marjoram (SNP), Tony Miklinski (CON)

Ward 21 - Leven, Kennoway and Largo - David Alexander SNP, Colin Davidson Labour, Graham Ritchie Cons, Alistair Suttie SNP

Ward 22 - Buckhaven, Methil and Wemyss Villages - Ken Caldwell, Scottish National Party David Graham, Scottish Labour Party, John O’Brien, Scottish National Party (SNP, Ryan Smart, Scottish Labour Party

Glasgow City

SNP (39), LAB (31), CON (8), GREEN (7)

Ward 1 - Linn - Euan Blockley (CON), Malcolm Gunning (LAB), Glenn Elder (SNP), Margaret Morgan (SNP)

Ward 2 - Newlands/Auldburn - Stephen Curran (LAB), Josephine Docherty (SNP), Kyle Thornton (CON)

Ward 3 - Greater Pollok - Saqib Ahmed (LAB), Rashid Hussain (LAB), David McDonald(SNP), Rhiannon Spear (SNP)

Ward 4 - Cardonald - Matt Kerr (LAB), Elaine McSporran (SNP), Alistair Watson (LAB), Alex Wilson (SNP)

Ward 5 - Govan - Richard Bell (SNP), Stephen Dornan (SNP), John Kane (LAB), Allan Young (GREEN)

Ward 6 - Pollokshields - Norman MacLeod (SNP), David Meikle (CON), Jon Molyneux (GREEN), Hanif Raja (LAB)

Ward 7 - Langside - Susan Aitken (SNP), Archie Graham (LAB), Anna Richardson (SNP), Tanya Wisely (GREEN)

Ward 8 - Southside Central - Alexander Belic (SNP), Mhiari Hunter (SNP) James Scanlon (LAB), Soriya Siddique (LAB)

Ward 9 - Calton - Robert Connelly (CON), Greg Hepburn (SNP), Jennifer Layden (SNP), Cecilia O’Lone (LAB)

Ward 10 - Anderson/City/Yorkhill - Eva Bolander (SNP), Philip Braat (LAB), Christy Mearns (GREEN), Angus Millar (SNP)

Ward 11 - Hillhead - Ken Andrew (SNP), Hanzala Malik (LAB), Martha Wardrop (GREEN)

Ward 12 - Victoria Park - Ade Aibinu (CON), Feargal Dalton (SNP), Maggie McTernan (LAB)

Ward 13 - Garscadden/Scotstounhill - Bill Butler (LAB), Michael Cullen (SNP), Chris Cunningham (SNP), Eva Murray (LAB)

Ward 14 - Drumchapel/Anniesland - Malcolm Balfour (SNP), Paul Carey (LAB), Elspeth Kerr (SNP), Anne McTaggart (LAB)

Ward 15 - Maryhill - John Letford (SNP), Jane Morgan (LAB), Franny Scally (SNP)

Ward 16 - Canal - Allan Gow (SNP), Gary Gray (LAB), Jaqueline MacLaren (SNP), Robert Mooney (LAB)

Ward 17 - Springburn/Robroyston - Graham Campbell (SNP), Christina Cannon (SNP), Martin McElroy (LAB), Aileen Mckenzie (LAB)

Ward 18 - East Centre - Annette Christie (SNP), Frank Docherty (LAB), Marie Garrity (LAB), Russell Robertson (SNP)

Ward 19 - Shettleston - Laura Doherty - (SNP), michelle Ferns (SNP), Thomas Kerr (CON), Frank MCaveety (LAB)

Ward 20 - Baillieston - Elaine Ballantyne (SNP), Phillip Charles (con), Jim Coleman (LAB)

Ward 21 - North-East - Maureen Burke (LAB), Ruairi Kelly (SNP), Mandy Morgan (SNP)

Ward 22 - Dennistoun - Allan Casey (SNP), Kim Long (GREEN), Elaine McDougall (LAB)

Ward 23 - Partick East & Kelvindale - Martin Bartos (GREEN), Tony Curtis (CON), Kenny McLean (SNP), Martin Rhodes (LAB)

The Highlands

IND (28), SNP (22), LD (10), CON (10), LAB (3), GREEN (1)

Ward 1 - North, West & Central Sutherland - Kirsteen Currie (SNP), Hugh Morrison (IND), Linda Munro (LD)

Ward 2 - Thurso & Northwest Caithness - Donnie Mackay (IND), Struan Mackie (CON), Matthew Reiss (IND), Karl Rosie (SNP)

Ward 3 - Wick and East Caithness - Raymond Bremner (SNP), Willie Mackay (IND), Andrew Sinclair (CON), Nicola Sinclair (IND)

Ward 4 - East Sutherland and Edderton - Richard Gale (LD), Deirdre MacKay (LAB), Jim McGillivray (IND)

Ward 5 - Wester Ross, Strathpeffer & Lochalsh - Biz Campbell (IND), Ian Cockburn (SNP), Derek Macleod (CON), Kate Stephen (LD)

Ward 6 - Cromarty Firth - Mike Finlayson (IND), Pauline Munro (SNP), Maxine Smith (SNP), Carolyn Wilson (IND)

Ward 7 - Tain & Easter Ross - Derek Louden (SNP), Fiona Robertson (IND), Jamie Stone (LD)

Ward 8 - Dingwall & Seaforth - Graham MacKenzie (SNP), Alister MacKinnon (IND), Angela Maclean (LD), Margaret Paterson (IND)

Ward 9 - Black Isle - Gordon Adam (LD), Jennifer Barclay (IND), Craig Fraser (SNP)

Ward 10 - Eilean a’ Cheò - John Finlayson (IND), John Gordon (IND), Ronald MacDonald (IND), Calum MacLeod (SNP)

Ward 11 - Caol & Mallaig - Allan Henderson (IND), Billy McLachlan (SNP), Ben Thompson (IND)

Ward 12 - Aird & Loch Ness - Helen Carmichael (IND), George Cruickshank (CON), Margaret Davidson (IND), Emma Knox (SNP)

Ward 13 - Inverness West - Bill Boyd (SNP), Alex Graham (LD), Graham Ross (IND)

Ward 14 - Inverness Central - Janet Campbell (SNP), Alex Graham (LD), Ross Graham (IND)

Ward 15 - Inverness Ness-Side - Alasdair Christie (LD), Ron MacWilliam (SNP), Callum Smith (CON)

Ward 16 - Inverness Millburn - Ian Brown (SNP), Jimmy Gray (LAB), Isabelle MacKenzie (CON)

Ward 17 - Culloden & Ardersier - Roddy Balfour (IND), Glynis Campbell-Sinclair (SNP), Trish Robertson (LD)

Ward 18 - Nairn & Cawdor - Laurie Fraser (IND), Tom Heggie (IND), Liz MacDonald (SNP), Peter Saggers (CON)

Ward 19 - Inverness South - Carolyn Caddick (LD), Ken Gowans (SNP), Andrew Jarvie (CON), Duncan Macpherson (IND)

Ward 20 - Badenoch & Strathspey - John Bruce (CON), Muriel Cockburn (SNP), Pippa Hadley (GREEN), Bill Lobban (IND)

Ward 21 - Fort William & Ardnamurchan - Blair Allan (SNP), Andrew Baxter (IND), Niall McLean (SNP) Ian Ramon (CON)


LAB (8), SNP (7), IND (4), CON (2), LD (1)

Ward 1 - Inverclyde East - Chris Curley (SNP), Stephen McCabe (LAB) and David Wilson (CON)

Ward 2 - Inverclyde East Central - Jim Macleod (SNP), Drew McKENZIE (Independent) and Rovert MORAN (Labour)

Ward 3 - Inverclyde Central - Colin JACKSON (Labour), Michael McCORMICK (Labour) and Jim MCELENY (SNP)

Ward 4 - Inverclyde North - Martin BRENNAN (Lab), Graeme BROOKS (Conservative), Jim CLOCHERTY (Lab) and Elizabeth ROBERTSON (SNP)

Ward 5 - Inverclyde West - Ronnie AHLFELD (Independent), Chris MCCELENY (SNP) and Lynne QUINN (Independent)

Ward 6 - Inverclyde South West - Gerry DORRIAN (Labour), Innes NELSON (SNP) and Ciano REBECCHI (Lib Dem)

Ward 7 - Inverclyde South - John CROWTHER (SNP), Tommy MCVEY (Independent) and Natasha MURPHY (Labour)


LAB (7), SNP (6), CON (5)

Ward 1 - Penicuik - Andrew Hardie (CON), Debbie McCall (SNP), Adam Montgomery (LAB)

Ward 2 - Bonnyrigg - Dianne Alexander (SNP), Janet Lay-Douglas (CON), Derek Milligan (LAB)

Ward 3 - Dalkeith - Colin Cassidy (SNP), Stephen Curran (LAB), Margot Russell (LAB)

Wrad 4 - Midlothian West - Russell Imrie, Labour, Kelly Parry, SNP and Pauline Winchester, Conservative,

Ward 5 - Midlothian East - Kenneth Baird (SNP), John Hackett (LAB), Peter Smaill (CON)

Ward 6 - Midlothian South - Catherine Johnstone, SNP, Jim Muirhead, Labour & Kieran Munro, Scottish Conservative & Unionist


SNP (9), IND (8), COn (8), LAB (1)

Ward 1 - Speyside Glenlivet - Walter Wilson (CON), Derek Ross, (IND), Louise Margaret Laing (SNP)

Ward 2 - Keith & Cullen - Theresa Ann Coull, SNP, Donald Gatt, Con, Ron Shepherd, Ind

Ward 3 - Buckie - Tim Eagle, Con, Gordon Cowie, Ind, Sonya Warren, SNP

Ward 4 - Fochabers Lhanbryde - Marc Macrae, Con, David Bremner, SNP, Shona Morrison, SNP

Ward 5 - Heldon & Laich - James Allan (CON), John Cowe, Ind, Amy Patience, SNP, Ryan John Edwards, Ind

Ward 6 - Elgin City North - Frank Brown Con, Sandy Cooper, Paula Coy, SNP

Ward 7 - Elgin City South - Graham Leadbitter (SNP), Ray McLean (CON), John Divers (LAB)

Ward 8 - Forres - Claire Feaver, Con, Aaron McLean, SNP, George Alexander, Ind, Lorna Creswell, Ind

Western Isles

IND (23), SNP (7), CON (1)

Ward 1 - Barraigh, Bhatarsaigh, Eirisgeigh agus Uibhist a Deas - Calum MacMillan (SNP), Iain MacNeil (IND), Donald Manford (SNP), *Paul Steele*

Ward 2 - Beinn Na Foghla agus Uibhist a Tuath - Roddy Mackay (IND), Ian Murdoch Macleod (IND), Uisdean Robertson (IND)

Ward 3 - Na Hearadh agus Ceann a Deas Nan Loch - Finlay Cunningham (IND), Paul Finnegan (IND), John Mitchell (SNP)

Ward 4 - Sgir’ Uige agus Ceann a Tuath Nan Loch - Ranald Fraser (CON), Norman Macdonald (IND0, Angus Morrison (IND)

Ward 5 - Sgire an Rubha - Norrie Macdonald, Alasdair MacLeod, Finlay Stewart (ALL IND)

Ward 6 - Steòrnabhagh a Deas - Angus McCormack, Charlie Nicolson and Keith Dodson (ALL IND) and Rae Mackenzie (SNP)

Ward 7 - Steòrnabhagh a Tuath - Roddie Mackay, Iain Macaulay and Neil Mackay (All IND) and Gordon Murray (SNP)

Ward 8 - Loch a Tuath - Donald Crichton (IND), John MACIVER (SNP), Callum MacLean (IND)

Ward 9 - An Taobh Siar agus Nis - John Mackay (IND), John MacLeod (IND), Kenneth Macleod (SNP), Kenny MacLeod (IND)

North Ayrshire

SNP (11), LAB (11), CON (7), IND (4)

Ward 1 - Irvine West - Ian Clarkson (LAB), Scott Gallacher (CON), Shaun Macaulay (SNP), Louise McPhater (LAB)

Ward 2 - Irvine East - Marie Burns (SNP), Angela Stephen (LAB) and John Easdale (CON)

Ward 3 - Kilwinning - Joe Cullinane (LAB), Scott Davidson (SNP), John Glover (CON), Donald Reid (LAB)

Ward 4 - Stevenson - Davina McTiernan (SNP) Jimmy Miller (LAB)and John Sweeney (LAB)

Ward 5 - (Ardrossan & Arran) - Timothy Billings (cons), Tony Gurney (snp) and Ellen McMaster (snp)

Ward 6 - Dalry and West Kilbride - Joy Brahim(snp), Robert Barr (ind) and Todd Ferguson

Ward 7 - Kilbirnie and Beith - John Bell (Lab) Anthea Dickson (snp) and Donald L Reid (ind)

Ward 8 - North Coast and Cumbraes - Alex Gallagher (lab), Alan Hill (snp), Tom Marshall (Con) and Ian Murdoch (Ind)

Ward 9 - Saltcoats - Jean McClung (snp), Ronnie McNicol (ind) and Jim Montgomerie (lab)

Ward 10 - Irvine South - Christina Larsen (Snp), Margaret George (Con) and Robert Foster ( lab)elected

North Lanarkshire

SNP (33), LAB (32), CON (10), IND (2)

Ward 1 - Kilsyth - Jean Jones, Scottish Labour Party, Mark John Kerr, Scottish National Party (SNP) , Heather McVey, Scottish Labour Party

Ward 2 - Cumbernauld North - Danish Ashraf, Scottish National Party (SNP), Calum Currie, Scottish Conservative and Unionist, Tom Fisher, Scottish Labour Party, Alan Masterton, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ward 3 - Cumbernauld South - Junaid Ashraf, Scottish National Party (SNP), William Goldie, Scottish National Party (SNP), Allan Graham, Scottish Labour Party, Catherine Johnston, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ward 4 - Cumbernauld East - Claire Barclay, Scottish National Party (SNP), Gillian Fannan, Scottish Labour Party, Paddy Hogg, Scottish National Party (SNP), Tom Johnston, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ward 5 - Stepps, Chryston and Muirhead - Lynne Anderson, Scottish National Party (SNP), Stephen Goldsack, Scottish Conservative and Unionist, John McLaren, Scottish Labour Party

Ward 6 - Gartcosh Glenboig and Moodiesburn - Willie Doolan, Scottish Labour Party, Greg Lennon, Scottish National Party (SNP), Michael McPake, Scottish Labour Party

Ward 7 - Coatbridge North - Kirsten Larson, Scottish National Party (SNP), Alex McVey, Scottish Labour Party, Bill Shields, Scottish Labour Party, Allan Stubbs, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ward 8 - Airdrie North - Alan Beveridge, Independent, Sophia Coyle, Scottish National Party (SNP), David Cullen, Scottish Conservative and Unionist, Tommy Morgan, Scottish Labour Party

Ward 9 - Airdrie Central - Trevor Douglas, Scottish Conservative and Unionist, Jim Logue, Scottish Labour Party, Nancy Pettigrew, Scottish National Party (SNP), David Stocks, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ward 10 - Coatbridge West - Kevin Docherty, Scottish Labour Party, Mary Gourlay, Scottish Labour Party, Caroline Stephen, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ward 11 - Coatbridge South - Tracy Carragher, Scottish National Party (SNP), Tom Castles, Scottish Labour Party, Gordon Encinias, Scottish Labour Party, Fergus MacGregor, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ward 12 - Airdrie South - Michael Coyle, Scottish National Party (SNP), Paul Di Mascio, Scottish National Party (SNP), Ian McNeil, Scottish Labour Party, Sandy Watson, Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Ward 13 - Fortissat - Tommy Cochrane, Scottish National Party (SNP), Martin McCulloch, Scottish Labour Party, Kenneth Stevenson, Scottish Labour Party, Sandy Thornton, Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Ward 14 - Thorniewood - Steven Bonnar, Scottish National Party (SNP), Bob Burrows, Scottish Labour Party, Hugh Gaffney, Scottish Labour Party

Ward 15 - Bellshill - Colin Cameron, Scottish Conservative and Unionist, Angela Campbell, Scottish Labour Party, Harry Curran, Scottish Labour Party, Jordan James Linden, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ward 16 - Mossend and Holytown - David Baird, Scottish National Party (SNP, Frank McNally, Scottish Labour Party, Jim Reddin, Scottish Labour Party

Ward 17 - Motherwell West - Meghan Gallacher, Scottish Conservative and Unionist, Paul Kelly, Scottish Labour Party, Annette Valentine, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ward 18 - Motherwell North - Olivia Carson, Scottish Labour Party, Shahid Farooq, Scottish National Party (SNP), Pat O’Rourke, Scottish Labour Party, Ann Weir, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ward 19 - Motherwell South East and Ravenscraig - Kenneth Duffy, Scottish Labour Party, Agnes Duncan Magowan, Scottish National Party (SNP), Alan Valentine, Scottish National Party (SNP), Nathan Wilson, Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Ward 20 - Murdostoun - Robert McKendrick, Independent, Cameron William McManus, Scottish National Party (SNP), Louise Roarty, Scottish Labour Party, Nicky Shevlin, Scottish Labour Party

Ward 21 - Wishaw - Bob Burgess, Scottish Conservative and Unionist, Angela Feeney, Scottish Labour Party, Fiona Fotheringham, Scottish National Party (SNP), Jim Hume, Scottish National Party (SNP)


IND (20), GREEN (1)

Ward 1 - Kirkwall East - David Dawson, Steven Heddle, John Ross Scott, Gwenda Shearer. (ALL IND)

Ward 2 - Kirkwall West and Orphir - Sandy Cowie, Barbara Foulkes, Leslie Manson, John Richards (ALL IND)

Ward 3 - UNCONTESTED - Stromness and South Isles - Rob Crichton, James Stockan and Magnus Thomson (ALL IND)

Ward 4 - West Mainland - Harvey Johnston, Rachael King, Owen Tierney, Duncan Allan Tullock (ALL IND)

Ward 5 - East Mainland, South Ronaldsay and Burray - Norman Craigie, Andrew Drever (BOTH IND ) Steve Sankey (GREEN)

Ward 6 - North Isles - Stephen Clackson, Graham Sinclair, Kevin Woodbridge ALL IND

Perth and Kinross

CON (17), SNP (15), LD (4), IND (3), LAB (1)

Ward 1 - Carse of Gowrie - Alasdair Bailey (LAB), Angus Forbes (CON), Beth Pover (SNP)

Ward 2 - Strathmore - Dennis Melloy & Colin Stewart (Conservative and Unionist) Fiona Sarwar (SNP) Lewis Simpson (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Ward 3 - Blairgowrie and Glens - Bob Brawn (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) Tom McEwan (SNP) Caroline Shiers (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

Ward 4 - Highland - Ian Campbell (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) Xander McDade (Independent) Mike Williamson (SNP)

Ward 5 - Strathtay - Ian James (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) Anne Jarvis (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) Grant Laing (SNP)

Ward 6- Starthearn - Rhona Brock (Independent) Stewart Donaldson (SNP) Roz McCall (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

Ward 7 - Strathallan - Tom Gray (SNP) Murray Lyle (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) Crawford Reid (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

Ward 8 - Kinross-shire - Mike Barnacle Independent, Callum Purves Conservative & Unionist, Willie Robertson Liberal Democrats, Richard Watters SNP

Ward 9 - ALmond and Earn - Henry Anderson (SNP) Kathleen Baird (Conservative and Unionist) David Illingworth (Conservative and Unionist)

Ward 10 - Perth City South - Bob Band (SNP) Michael Jamieson (Conservative and Unionist) Sheila McCole (SNP) Willie Wilson (Liberal Democrats)

Ward 11 -Perth City North - Harry Coates Conservative and Unionist) Dave Doogan (SNP) John Rebbeck (SNP)

Ward 12 - Pert City Centre - Chris Ahern (Conservative and Unionist) Peter Barrett (Liberal Democrats) Eric Drysdale (SNP) Andrew Parrott (SNP)


SNP (19), LAB (13), CON (8), IND (2), LD (1)

Ward 1 - Renfrew North & Braehead - Bill Brown (LAB), Lisa-Marie Hughes (SNP), John Shaw (SNP) & Jane Strang (CON)

Ward 2 - Renfrew South and Gallowhill - Edward Grady (LAB), Cathy McEwan (SNP) & Jim Paterson (SNP)

Ward 3 - Paisley Northeast & Ralston - Jennifer Marion Adam-McGregor (SNP), Neill Graham (CON) & Jim Sharkey (LAB)

Ward 4 - Paisley Northwest - Karen Kennedy (LAB), Kenny MacLaren (SNP), Mags MacLaren (SNP), John McIntyre (CON)

Ward 5 - Paisley East and Central - Carolann Davidson (LAB), John McNaughtan (SNP) and Will Mylet (SNP)

Ward 6 - Paisley Southeast - Eddie Devine (LAB), Paul Mack (IND) and Marie McGurk (SNP)

Ward 7 - Paisley Southwest - Stephen Burns (SNP), Lorraine Cameron (SNP), Eileen McCartin (LIB DEM) & Kevin Montgomery (LAB)

Ward 8 - Johnstone South & Elderslie - Jacqueline Cameron (SNP), John Hood (LAB), Alistair Mackay (CON) and Andy Steel (SNP)

Ward 9 - Houston, Crosslee and Linwood - Audrey Doig (SNP), Alison Jean Dowling (LAB), Scott Kerr (CON) & James Sheridan (LAB)

Ward 10 - Johnstone North, Kilbarchan, Howwood & Lochwinnoch - Derek Bibby (LAB), Bill Binks (CON), Andy Doig (IND) & Emma Rodden (SNP) elected in Johnstone North, Kilbarchan

Ward 11 - Bishopton, Bridge of Weir and Langbank - Natalie Don (SNP), James MacLaren (CON) and Colin McCulloch (LAB)

Ward 12 - Erskine and Inchinnan - Tom Begg (CON), Michelle Campbell (SNP), Jim Harte (LAB) and Iain Nicolson (SNP)

Scottishs Borders

CON (15), SNP (9), IND (8), LD (2)

Ward 1 - Tweeddale West - Heather Anderson (SNP), Kris Chapman (LD), Eric Small (CON)

Ward 2 - Tweeddale East - Stuart Bell (SNP), Shona Haslam (CON), Robin Tatler (IND)

Ward 3 - Galashiels and District - Sandy Aitchison IND, Andy Anderson SNP, Euan Jardine CON, Harry Scott IND

Ward 4 - Selkirkshire - Michelle Ballantyne (CON), Gordon Edgar (IND), Elaine Thornton-Nicol (SNP)

Ward 5 - Leaderdale and Melrose - Kevin Drum SNP, Tom Miers CON, David Parker IND

Ward 6 - Mid Berwickshire - John Greenwell CON, Donald Moffat SNP, Mark Rowley CON

Ward 7 - East Berwickshire - Jim Fullarton CON, Carol Hamilton CON, Helen Laing SNP

Ward 8 - Kelso and District - Simon Mountford CON, Euan Robson LD, Tom Weatherston CON

Ward 9 - Jedburgh and District - Jim Brown SNP, Scott Hamilton CON, Sandy Scott CON

Ward 10 - Hawick and Denholm - Stuart Marshall IND, Clair Ramage SNP, Neil Richards CON

Ward 11 - Hawick and Hermitage - Watson McAteer IND, Davie Paterson IND, George Turnbull CON


IND (21), SNP (1)

Ward 1 - North Isles - Alec Priest, Duncan Simpson, Ryan Thomson (ALL IND)

Ward 2 - Shetland North - Alastair COOPER, Emma MACDONALD, Andrea MANSON (ALL IND)

Ward 3 - Shetland West - Steven COUTTS, Catherine HUGHSON, Theo SMITH (ALL IND)

Ward 4 - Shetland Central - Mark Robert BURGESS, Davie SANDISON, Ian SCOTT (ALL IND)

Ward 5 - UNCONTESTED - Shetland South - Allison DUNCAN, George SMITH (ALL IND) Robbie MACGREGOR (SNP)

Ward 6 - Lerwick North - Malcolm John BELL, John Finlay Sinclair FRASER, Stephen Arthur LEASK (ALL IND)

Ward 7 - Lerwick South - Peter CAMPBELL, Cecil Laing SMITH, Amanda WESTLAKE, Beatrice WISHART

South Ayrshire

CON (12), SNP (9), LAB (5), IND(2)

Ward 1 - Troon - Peter Convery (CON), Bob Pollock (CON), Craig MacKay (SNP) & Philip Saxton (LAB)

Ward 2 - Prestwick - Ian Cochrane (SNP), Hugh Hunter (CON), Margaret Toner (CON) Helen Moonie (LAB)

Ward 3 - Ayr North - Laura Brennan-Whitefield (SNP), Ian Davis (CON), Ian Cavana (LAB), Douglas Campbell (SNP)

Ward 4 - Ayr East - Mary Kilpatrick (CON), Chris Cullen (SNP) & Brian McGinley (LAB)

Ward 5 - Ayr West - Martin Dowey (CON), Lee Lyons (CON), Siobhian Brown (SNP), Derek McCabe (CON)

Ward 6 - Kyle - Andy Campbell (LAB), Arthur Spurling (CON), Julie Dettbarn (SNP)

Ward 7 - Maybole, North Carrick and Coylton - Iain Campbell (CON), William Grant (SNP), Brian Connolly (IND)

Ward 8 - Girvan & South Carrick - Alec Clark (IND), Ian Fitzsimmons (CON), Peter Henderson (SNP)

South Lanarkshire

SNP (27), LAB (22), CON (14), LD (1)

Ward 1 - Clydesdale West

Poppy Corbett - Scottish Conservative and Unionist - elected at stage 1

Lynsey Hamilton - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 8

Eileen Logan - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 1

David Shearer - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 1

Results declared at 11.20am

Percentage turnout 46.6%, rejected papers 133, quota 1450

Ward 2 - Clydesdale North

Richard Eliott-Lockhart - Scottish Conservative and Unionist - elected at stage 1

Julia Marrs - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 1

Catherine McClymont - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 1

Results declared at 12.19pm

Percentage turnout 51.4%, rejected papers 54, quota 1529

Ward 3 - Clydesdale East

Alex Allison - Scottish Conservative and Unionist - elected at stage 1

Eric Holford - Scottish Conservative and Unionist - elected at stage 8

Ian McAllan - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 1

Results declared at 1.24pm

Percentage turnout 54.5%, rejected papers 109, quota 1358

Ward 4 - Clydesdale South

George Greenshields - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 8

Mark Horsham - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 6

Colin McGavigan - Scottish Conservative and Unionist - elected at stage 8

Results declared at 1.40pm

Percentage turnout 47.9%, rejected papers 89, quota 1364

Ward 5 - Avondale and Stonehouse

Graeme Campbell - Scottish Conservative and Unionist - elected at stage 1

Margaret Cooper - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 2

Isobel Dorman - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 8

Results declared at 3.23pm

Percentage turnout 50.6%, rejected 90, quota 1637

Ward 6 - East Kilbride South

Archie Buchanan - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 1

Fiona Dryburgh - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 7

Geri Gray - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 6

Results declared at 12.04pm

Percentage turnout 43.3%, rejected papers 114, quota 1307

Ward 7 - East Kilbride Central South

John Anderson - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 1

Gerry Convery - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 1

Collette Stevenson - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 7

Results declared at 12.50pm

Percentage turnout 45.5%, rejected papers 145, quota 1360

Ward 8 - East Kilbride Central North

Joe Fagan - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 5

Hugh MacDonald - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 7

Sheena Wardhaugh - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 7

Results declared at 1.56pm

Percentage turnout 48.6%, rejected papers 174, quota 1550

Ward 9 - East Kilbride West

Ian Harrow - Scottish Conservative and Unionist - elected at stage 1

Monique McAdams - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 4

David Watson - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 7

Results declared at 2.31pm

Percentage turnout 52.8%, rejected papers 74, quota 1586

Ward 10 - East Kilbride East

Gladys Miller - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 1

Graham Scott - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 1

Jim Wardhaugh - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 8

Results declared at 3.40pm

Percentage turnout 46.7%, rejected papers 81, quota 1268

Ward 11 - Rutherglen South

Robert Brown - Scottish Liberal Democrats - elected at stage 1

Margaret Cowie - Labour and Co-operative Party - elected at stage 5

Carol Nugent - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 1

Results declared at 11.50am

Percentage turnout 50.8%, rejected papers 65, quota 1452

Ward 12 - Rutherglen Central and North

Janine Calikes - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 1

Gerard Killen - Labour and Co-operative Party - elected at stage 1

Jared Wark - Scottish Conservative and Unionist - elected at stage 7

Results declared at 12.34pm

Percentage turnout 44.6%, rejected papers 144, quota 1286

Ward 13 - Cambuslang West

John Bradley - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 8

Ann Le Blond - Scottish Conservative and Unionist - elected at stage 6

Margaret Walker - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 4

Results declared at 2.12pm

Percentage turnout 46.5%, rejected papers 106, quota 1383

Ward 14 - Cambuslang East

Walter Brogan - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 1

Alistair Fulton - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 8

Katy Loudon - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 5

Results declared at 3.08pm

Percentage turnout 42.1%, rejected papers 108, quota 1185

Ward 15 - Blantyre

Maureen Chalmers - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 1

Mo Razzaq - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 1

Bert Thomson - Scottish Labour Party- elected at stage 8

Results declared at 3.54pm

Percentage turnout 43.6%, rejected papers 180, quota 1341

Ward 16 - Bothwell and Uddingston

Maureen Devlin - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 1

Kenny McCreary - Scottish Conservative and Unionist - elected at stage 1

James McGuigan - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 5

Results declared at 11.35am

Percentage turnout 51.2%, rejected papers 52, quota 1313

Ward 17 - Hamilton North and East

Stephanie Callaghan - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 1

Martin Grant Hose - Scottish Conservative and Unionist - elected at stage 1

Davie McLachlan - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 6

Results declared at 1.10pm

Percentage turnout 42.1%, rejected papers 94, quota 1198

Ward 18 - Hamilton West and Earnock

Mary Donnelly - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 1

Allan Falconer - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 1

Graeme Horne - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 6

Mark McGeever - Scottish Conservative and Unionist - elected at stage 1

Results declared at 2.41pm

Percentage turnout 39%, rejected papers 151, quota 1071

Ward 19 - Hamilton South

Joe Lowe - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 1

Lynne Nailon - Scottish Conservative and Unionist - elected at stage 1

John Ross - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 1

Josh Wilson - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 7

Results declared at 2.57pm

Percentage turnout 44.4%, rejected papers 177, quota 1415

Ward 20 - Larkhall

Jackie Burns - Independent - elected at stage 7

Andy Carmichael - Scottish Labour Party - elected at stage 6

Peter Craig - Scottish National Party (SNP) - elected at stage 9

Richard Nelson - Scottish Conservative and Unionist - elected at stage 1


SNP (9), CON (9), LAB (4), GREEN (1)

Ward 1 - Trossachs and Teith - Martin Earl (CON), Jeremy McDonald (CON) and Evelyn Tweed (SNP)

Ward 2 - Forth and Endrick - Alistair Berrill (CON), Robert Davies (CON) and Graham Lambie (SNP)

Ward 3 - Dunblane and Bridge of Allan - Douglas Dodds (Conservative), Graham Houston (SNP), Alastair Majury (Conservative) and Alasdair Tollemache (Green)

Ward 4 - Stirling North - Danny Gibson (Labour), Susan McGill (SNP), Ross Oxburgh (Conservative) and Jim Thomson (SNP)

Ward 5 - Stirling West - Neil Benny (Conservative), Scott Farmer (SNP), and Christine Simpson (Labour)

Ward 6 - Stirling East - Bryan Flanagan (Conservative), Chris Kane (Labour) and Alison Laurie (SNP)

Ward 7 - Bannockburn - Maureen Bennison (SNP), Margaret Brisley (Labour) and Alasdair MacPherson (SNP)

West Dunbartonshire

SNP (10), LAB (8), IND (2), CON (2)

Ward 1 - Lomond - Jonathan McColl (SNP), Sally Page (Con) & Martin Rooney (Lab)

Ward 2 - Leven - Ian Dickson (SNP), Jim Bollan (WD Community Party),John Millar (Lab), Caroline McAllister (SNP)

Ward 3 - Dumbarton - David McBride (Lab), Karen Conaghan (SNP), Brian Walker (Con), Iain McLaren (SNP)

Ward 4 - Kilpatrick - Douglas McAllister (Lab), Lawrence O’Neill (Lab), Jim Finn (SNP)

Ward 5 - Clydebank Central - Jim Brown (SNP), John Mooney (Lab),Diane Docherty (SNP), Denis Agnew (Ind)

Ward 6 - Clydebank Waterfront - William Hendrie (SNP), Gail Casey (Lab), Marie McNair (SNP), Daniel Lennie (Lab)

West Lothian

SNP (13), LAB (12), CON (7), IND (1)

Ward 1 - Linlithgow - Tom Kerr (CON), Tom Conn (LAB) and David Tait (SNP)

Ward 2 - Broxburn, Uphall and Winchburgh - Diane Calder and Janet Campbell (BOTH SNP), Angela Doran (LAB), Chris Horne (CON)

Ward 3 - Livingston North - Alison Adamson (CON), Dom McGuire (LAB), Andrew Miller and Robert De Bold (BOTH SNP)

Ward 4 - Livingston South - Lawrence Fitzpatrick (LAB), Peter Heggie (CON), Peter Johnston and Moira Shemilt (BOTH SNP)

Ward 5 - East Livingston and East Calder - Frank Anderson and Carl John (BOTH SNP), Dave King (LAB), Damian Timson (CON)

Ward 6 - Fauldhouse and Breich Valley - Pauline Clark (SNP), David Dodds and Cathy Muldoon (BOTH LAB)

Ward 7 - Whitburn and Blackburn - Jim Dickson (SNP), Bruce Fairbairn (CON), George Paul and Kirsteen Sullivan (BOTH LAB)

Ward 8 - Bathgate - William Boyle (SNP), Charles Kennedy (CON), John McGinty and Harry Cartmill (LAB)

Ward 9 - Armadale and Blackridge - Stuart Borrowman (IND), Sarah King (SNP), Andrew McGuire (LAB)