Impartiality in doubt

Like Jenny Hjul (Opinion, 19 May), I was puzzled at the appearance of tjhe BBC Scotland reporter, Bob Wylie, in his role as side-kick to George Galloway in Washington.

This latest display of blatant cheer-leading for the Left while masquerading as an impartial commentator comes swiftly in the wake of accusations concerning "institutional leftism" in the corporation.

In a new book, Robin Aitken, a former BBC correspondent, has claimed that systematic political bias "undermines" the BBC's "solemn pact with the public to present the news impartially".

When Bob Wylie started reporting for the BBC I knew I had met him before somewhere, but the memory only recently clicked into place.

At the height of the miners' strike, when I was a Labour Party member, he addressed a meeting of the party's Cumnock branch in a futile attempt to gather new converts to the bosom of the Militant tendency.


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