Image consultant holds her own on TV against tyrant

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WITH her sharp tongue and menacing stare, few people have the courage to answer flame-haired presenter Anne Robinson back.

But Edinburgh-based image consultant Judith Campbell went a step further when appearing on a special themed edition of The Weakest Link by offering Ms Robinson some fashion advice.

The 35-year-old from Morningside was selected to be a contestant on a Body Beautiful edition of the quick-fire general knowledge quiz, which will be aired on BBC One on December 22.

She said: "The BBC wanted a mixture of people who were in the image industry. They picked me because I'm all about how to enhance yourself naturally with clothes and colour.

"There was a botox doctor, a celebrity dentist, and a woman who has had the most plastic surgery procedures in the world, so I think they wanted me to balance it out."

Mrs Campbell added: "Anne asked me to give her some fashion advice so I told her not to wear black and to wear more colours.

"She raised her eyebrows and was staring at me as if to say, 'look at the state of you'. She was looking me up and down and said to the others, 'is this woman for real?'.

"She tried to poke fun at Scotland too, saying 'how on Earth can you work with tartan?'. I said, 'it's very trendy Anne, you have got to mix it with your tweeds and you will be bang on trend'."

The BBC contacted Mrs Campbell, who owns image consultancy Feel Brand New in Bruntsfield, in August after coming across her company website.

Mrs Campbell said: "I thought it would be quite good fun to take part in the show but the more I thought about it and watched the show, I started to get really worried about getting knocked out in the first round, or Anne Robinson being really horrible to me."

After attending an audition at the BBC studios in Glasgow, Mrs Campbell was selected to appear on the programme, which was recorded in September.

She said: "At the auditions they ask you some general knowledge questions, put you behind a camera and give you a bit of abuse in Anne Robinson style, and see how you react.

"The whole experience was brilliant, everybody was great fun. When you're on the show, Anne Robinson plays the part like a kind of panto baddie.

"Right at the end she came over to me and she was herself - she was really nice. She said I looked lovely really."

Mrs Campbell remained tight-lipped about how she got on in the quiz.

She added: "I'm really glad that I did well, I would be really embarrassed if I had got knocked out straight away.

"The whole thing was brilliant, it was really well done and Anne was really quite funny.

"You don't know who she is going to pick on next, she's got a little podium that she stands at and you're thinking, 'please don't swivel round and point at me'."