'I'll still get my discount' says £5.6m Lotto winner

A SUPERMARKET worker who won a £5.6 million National Lottery jackpot said yesterday that she would continue shopping at Asda with her 10 per cent staff discount card.

Checkout supervisor Sue Stebbings, 43, of Lowestoft, Suffolk, said she planned to spend some of her 5,629,964 windfall on holidays, cars and a boat - but would not change her weekly shopping habit.

Mrs Stebbings, who earns 12,000 a year, said she would take a 12-month career break from her job with Asda, but aimed to return to work.

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She said she had so far spent 1,206.30 - 1,200 on a pre-Christmas break in Tenerife and 6.30 on a new Asda shirt and tie for husband Richard, 46.

The couple said they also planned to pay off the mortgage on their three-bedroom detached house and secure the futures of their daughter Vicky, 20, and son Charlie, 17.

"I will take a year out, but I would like to go back to work. I think I'd be bored at home," said Mrs Stebbings.

"I will continue to do my shopping at Asda. I can still use my 10 per cent staff discount card, and I will.

"Old habits die hard. We used it to get 70p discount on Richard's shirt."

She added: "We'll be having a normal family Christmas. Maybe a few more presents."

Mr Stebbings, a building maintenance worker at a prison and former chief petty officer in the Royal Navy, said they would not buy new cars, but he would get more value for his money by buying cars which were about a year old.

The couple, who moved to Lowestoft about five years ago from Portsmouth, Hampshire, after Mr Stebbings left the navy, said they also planned to buy a fishing boat.