I can’t believe my husband murdered baby, says wife

The High Court in Edinburgh
The High Court in Edinburgh
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THE estranged wife of a man accused of murdering his baby daughter told a court she does not believe he killed the little girl.

Wendy Ruddock, 37, told the High Court in Edinburgh that she did not think her partner Ian, 34, was capable of hurting five-week-old Olivia. The financial services worker told defence advocate Donald Findlay QC yesterday that Ruddock, of Shawlands, Glasgow, was a good parent.

Speaking about the charges facing her husband, Mrs Ruddock said: “I have never believed the allegations.”

Mrs Ruddock, of Clarkston, Glasgow, was giving evidence for the second day at proceedings against Ruddock, who also works in financial services.

He denies murder, attempted murder and assault charges.

Yesterday, Mrs Ruddock told the court that her husband was at his “happiest” when surrounded by children.

She added: “I don’t believe he would hurt children – never, no way.”

She also told Mr Findlay that she did not believe police when they informed her that they suspected that Olivia had fallen victim to a crime.

She also told the court that, following the death of Olivia in March 2011, her husband suffered from grief.

She said that she believed he dealt with the grief of losing Olivia in a different way from her.

Mrs Ruddock told the court that he could be moody and that their relationship became strained.

The court heard that he occasionally spent time away from her at his parents’ house.

Mrs Ruddock told advocate depute Ashley Edwards that her partner could be moody.

She added: “There were times he would barely say two words to me.”

Mrs Ruddock said that her partner considered attending counselling to help him deal with the loss of Olivia.

She also told the court that she believed the period of time spent waiting for the trial to commence had caused her marriage to come to an end. When Ms Edwards asked why she thought that, Mrs Ruddock replied: “Just the length of time this is all taking.

“I didn’t want the marriage to end. I was hoping this could get sorted out.

“But we are now two and a half years down the line and things are different.”

Prosecutors allege that, in 2009, Ruddock assaulted a child at an address in the south side of Glasgow.

Crown lawyers also allege that on various occasions between 27 January 2011 and 6 March 2011, at a house in Clarkston, Glasgow, he assaulted his daughter, Olivia.

Prosecutors allege that he seized hold of Olivia, compressed her chest and rib cage with his hands before shaking her repeatedly.

It is also claimed that Mr Ruddock “inflicted blunt force trauma” to her head and that she subsequently died at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Yorkhill, Glasgow, on 6 March 2011.

The third charge alleges that he attempted to murder another child two years ago at an address in Glasgow.

The trial, before judge Lord Bannatyne, continues.