How much does it cost to maintain a happy marriage in Scotland?

The average marriage without divorce in the UK lasts 46 years.
The average marriage without divorce in the UK lasts 46 years.
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CAN you really put a price on love? Apparently so, a new study has revealed the true cost of maintaining wedded bliss.

The cost of sustaining a happy marriage in Scotland is £296,278, according to new figures.

Researchers surveyed 150 married couples of all ages in Scotland and revealed the cost of a lifetime of marriage including weddings, mini breaks, gifts and date nights.

The survey used the latest Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures with the average Brit getting married at 35 years old, combined with the average life expectancy in the UK (81) – so a happy marriage without divorce or separation will last 46 years on average.

According to the study, commissioned by reward site, Quidco, Scots in happy marriages spend an average of £19,381 laying the foundations of the marriage, including their dream wedding, rings and honeymoons, with under half (49 per cent) stating they believed a dream wedding would set them up for a happy marriage.

Yet, it doesn’t stop after the wedding. The survey showed the happiest couples in Scotland have an average of three date nights together a month, including meals, drinks and cinema trips - with an average spend of £44 per date night, totalling £132 per month and £1,584 per year.

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Romantic nights in were also cited as a major aspect of a good relationship, with the average Scottish happy couple spending three romantic nights in together per month.

The average spend per romantic night in was £17.50 – including Netflix, movie downloads, takeaways, wine, beers and snacks – totalling £52.50 per month - £630 per year.

And getting “date-ready” costs the average happy couple £285 per year, according to the report - with the majority of those in wedded bliss claiming to spend this amount on looking good for their other half.

The study also revealed time together with no children was integral to keeping a marriage alive – the average couple in Scotland claiming two holidays a year and three mini breaks (average) was optimum – the yearly spend on breaks away totalling £2,692 per year.

Twice monthly gifts also made the list of secrets to a happy marriage – with the average monthly spend £25.40 per month - £305 per year.

In terms of more lavish gifts, the yearly spend on jewellery amounted to £539 on average for the happiest couples in Scotland.

Vix Leyton, spokesperson for report authors, Quidco said: “Half of people surveyed believe a dream wedding plays a part in setting you up for a strong marriage, but engaged couples need to keep a firm eye on budget when planning the big day to avoid starting their wedded life in debt.”

Some of those costs broken down:

Wedding (including rings and honeymoon) - £19,381.28

Regular date nights (per evening) - £43.65

Cosy nights in (per evening) - £17.42

Gifts/surprises (per gift/surprise) - £12.70

Jewellery (per year) - £539.07

Underwear (per year) - £107.77

Shoes/clothes (per year) - £177.62

Weekends away (per year) - £697.77

Holidays (per year) - £1,993