Hot Show: Alpha Males


THIS show is great in places where most character comedy doesn't even have places. It is a smart, fresh concept made gloriously comic with brilliant, well-observed, pitch-perfect writing and made flesh by writer and star Adam Riches. The show doesn't credit a director but it is as tight as a Fringe show budget. It has five great characters, not one of them a stereotype yet each, in a twisted way, an archetype. Even the costume changes are turned into tiny sketches. I laughed more at their ingenuity than I have in some entire shows.

Riches' late-night quiz show host is painfully funny, by being painful and funny. Teddy Dish, formerly of the biggest boy band in the world, is now a busker. Aussie Connor Connorson is a part-time barman, full-time pervert and absolutely hilarious.

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It is a mark of how strong the show is that the weakest character is Victor Legit, star of his own hit show last year. The star of this year's hit show (it will be, it must be) is O'Hara, retired big game hunter. This is the wittiest most cleverly constructed deconstruction of a character I can remember. I was laughing so much I spilled mango smoothie over my laptop and didn't care. Get a ticket now, before you can't.

Until 25 August. Today, 2:10pm