Home hair colouring enters the 21st century with video consultations

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IN AN ideal world we’d all get our hair coloured at our favourite salon, where we can not only take advantage of the stylist’s expertise but also enjoy the tea, coffee and funny little caramel biscuits on tap while keeping the mess in someone else’s pristine white sink.

But the salon experience tends to be expensive, so most of us stick to using a home colour instead – with often patchy, not entirely successful, results. How many times have you got a colour that is just plain wrong? You can’t understand it – it looked perfect on the box. This is why colourists Brent Mossop and Miranda Alund have come up with an idea – Your Colour – so simple, yet so clever, I’m surprised no one has thought of it before.

I simply make an appointment to speak to one of their colourists via Skype or Facetime, at a time that suits me. It’s important I’m in a bright room, so she can see me clearly. We chat about the condition of my hair, I show Miranda my trouble spots (the grey roots, mainly) and discuss the kind of colour I want. She reckons I could do with warming up the tones for winter, making the red a little richer, and I’m happy to go with that.

Five minutes later, once Miranda feels she has a good idea of my skin tone, eye colour and all the other things that can affect how hair shade works on any individual, the job’s done and I await my bespoke colour to arrive through the post.

Within days a box appears containing bottles of colour, a pair of good, hard-wearing gloves, a colouring brush and an empty silver bag, plus instructions. It’s all rather exciting – if a little unnerving. I really don’t know what it’s going to end up looking like. As with all home kits, the colour needs mixing. And here’s where things get a little awkward. Using the little bag, with the brush to stir, I combine the two bottles, then have to juggle holding this upright to avoid spillage while applying the colour to my hair. I balance the bag in the sink to keep both hands free.

From here, the experience is pretty much the same as with any other kit. I wait 20 minutes, rinse it all off, then await the moment of truth as I grab the hair dryer. Happily, the colour is just as 
Miranda promised: glossy, warm, rich tones of red that work perfectly with my skin. A girl on a train struck up a conversation purely on the basis of my hair. “What a fabulous colour. Is it natural?” I rest my case.