Home fraud partner ‘put through hell’

A WOMAN whose conman partner sold her home behind her back has spoken of the “hell” he put her through.

Janette McVicar had a decade-long relationship with Alexander Currie, from Tollcross. Now he has been jailed for 18 months after selling her Moredun home without her knowledge, even using friends to pose as her to push the deal through.

Ms McVicar only discovered she was the victim of the £80,000 fraud when she phoned her mortgage company to find out how much she had left to pay on the bungalow.

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Outside court yesterday, she said: “He put me through hell and legal manoeuvres are still taking place to have the property put back in my name.

“When someone has given you everything, you don’t sell their house from under them.

“Given what he put me through, I don’t think the sentence is tough enough.”

After receiving the windfall from the property, Currie was then able to settle a £30,000 debt he owed to another man, before pocketing the remaining £50,000.

The scam took place between January and April 2010.