Holiday spending increase

The amount Britons spent while on overseas holidays increased 18 per cent last year, a survey by Visa Europe has shown.

Of those heading for a foreign holiday this year, a quarter expect their trip will be more expensive than in 2010, the poll found.

Based on UK Visa cardholder spending, the survey showed that Britons spent more than 9.8 billion during overseas holidays last year.

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The biggest expense in 2010 was accommodation, which accounted for 1.3bn of the spending, while 693 million was spent on activities and excursions.

On average, holidaymakers spent 178 each on eating out, 97 on drinks, 80 on activities and 74 on organised excursions.

Only 38 per cent of the 1,071 adults intending to make foreign trips this year said they expected to pay more merely by going to a more expensive destination.