Hit-and-run victim faces lengthy recovery from multiple injuries

Nancy Dixon was struck close to her home
Nancy Dixon was struck close to her home
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AN ELDERLY hit-and-run victim faces months in hospital after sustaining a catalogue of injuries in the horror incident.

Nancy Dixon, 85, had her leg smashed in two places, broke several ribs and needed 20 stitches to a head injury, after being mowed down by a motorist who left her lying in the road.

She had been crossing Morningside Grove shortly after 6pm on Friday to get to her home within the Craiglea Place Sheltered Housing Complex when she was struck by the unidentified vehicle.

Neighbours spoke of their shock at her being “left for dead”, but said they had already warned council bosses the road was “an accident waiting to happen”.

Robert Cowan, 76, who has lived in the complex for six years, said it was a close community and residents were upset when they found out she had been badly hurt.

“We were all shocked when we heard. Nancy is a lovely woman and obviously we are all very concerned for her. There’s about 70 of us in here so we all know one another. It’s terrible that something like this has happened.

“I’m told that the driver in the car behind the one that hit her was the one who stopped to help while the paramedics came. At the moment she’s recuperating in the Royal Infirmary but I simply don’t know when she’ll be discharged. One of the breaks to her leg needs a plate putting in so she’ll need surgery.

“It’s going to take a long time for her to recover, but we all hope she can come home soon.”

The accident happened just days before a meeting was due to be held about the possibility of installing a pedestrian crossing at the spot.

Council transport officials are meant to be meeting with campaigners on Thursday to discuss a crossing or traffic island to help pensioners negotiate the busy road.

Betty Barber, secretary of the complex’s proprietors’ association, said people had been demanding a crossing for three years.

“We are situated just after the crest of a hill so drivers are blind to whoever is crossing the road until they are right on top of them,” she said.

Another neighbour, who directed cars away from the accident until the emergency services arrived, said she often sees drivers speeding along the stretch of road.

“It’s such a shame for it to happen, especially to someone her age. Around the corner has speed bumps and is 20mph but there’s nothing here,” she added. “It was foul weather but they must have noticed and didn’t even stop. That’s the really horrible part.” Police have not released details of the vehicle involved but are asking any witnesses to contact them with information immediately.