Highland Park releases new malt in honour of Odin

Highland Park's Odin. Picture: Highland Park
Highland Park's Odin. Picture: Highland Park
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HIGHLAND Park have completed their Valhalla collection of bottlings with the release of Odin, named in honour of the Allfather of Norse mythology.

The four whiskies, wrought in the names of the denizens of Valhalla, have been created in celebration of the Orkney distillery’s Norse heritage.

Odin will now join Loki, Thor and Freya on the shelves of those Highland Park fans lucky enough to be able to attain the collection.

Odin, designed to encapsulate the wisdom and power of the Allfather of the Norse gods, combines the potency of a cask-strength whisky - bottled at 55.8 per cent abv - with the balance of age - Odin is aged for 16 years- and is created from a combination of Spanish oak sherry casks and re-fill hogsheads.


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Odin was a god that dedicated his time to the pursuit of knowledge. Indeed in one of the legends surrounding him, he gives one of his eyes to drink from the fountain on knowledge. A relentless seeker and giver of wisdom, the need to impart the gift of the knowledge and experience of a great dram is clear in this most interesting of whiskies.

Gerry Tosh, Global Marketing Manager for Highland Park, says: “Odin, like its namesake, is an intense, powerful and complex whisky. Bottled at 55.8 per cent ABV, it certainly lives up to the legend, a bold single malt higher in strength than Thor, Loki and Freya. In Odin, we have been able to add the final flourish to the Valhalla Collection, a stunning series of remarkable whiskies that offer affordability and exclusive collectability.”

“Now that Odin has joined the ranks of the other gods in the Valhalla Collection, the first chapter in this series is complete. However, the Norse legends of old may still offer us future intrigues.”

With only 17,000 bottles released globally, this limited edition whisky comes housed in the same distinctive award winning wooden frame of Thor, Loki and Freya echoing the fearsome contours of a traditional Viking long ship. The bottle itself reflects Odin’s character – dark and imperfect and slightly battle worn.

Our tasting notes:

A wonderfully intense whisky, very much in the vein of Highland Park’s previous bottlings, with a swirling battle of the elements; salt (the sea), peat (the earth) and smoke (fire) all battling for supremacy but it’s the wonderfully light notes of fruit - lemon zest and plums - and honey in the finish that will leave the drinker wanting more.

Nose: In the bottle, it’s all brine with wisps of subtle smoke but once poured the previously hinted at notes of fruit and honey really shine through.

Palate: Warm and spicy, hints of cinnamon and charred fruit.

Finish: Long and honeyed, drawing out the fruit to be replaced with brine and subtle smoke.

One for fans of whiskies with big flavours, a great all rounder and at 55.8 per cent abv you might want to be careful as it’s far too easy to drink.

• Odin will be available from specialist independent whisky retailers, at the Highland Park distillery and www.highlandpark.co.uk at an RRP of £180.

Also from the Valhalla range:

· Thor – 16 year old single malt, 52.1 per cent ABV, RRP £120

· Loki – 15 year old single malt, 48.7 per cent ABV, RRP £130

· Freya – 15 year old single malt, 51.2 per cent ABV, RRP £140

· Odin – 16 year old single malt, 55.8 per cent ABV, RRP £180