Hickory Open: Golfing 1930s-style

Two hickory golfers make their way round the course
Two hickory golfers make their way round the course
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GOLFERS dressed in 1930s costume play on Monifeith Golf Links course during the eighth World Hickory Open.

The tournament features professional golf champions and leading British and overseas amateurs playing in with hickory-shafted clubs carried around in pencil golf bags.

The World Hickory Open Championship was established in 2004 and played at Musselburgh Golf Course, the oldest surviving playing surface in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Hickory clubs are available on the day, which is primarily to encourage parties of all abilities to participate.

According to regular hickory golfers, one of the main attractions of using hickory clubs is being able to ‘feel’ every shot - and also allowing classic golf courses to be played as intended.