Hi-tech killing off traditional chat, says study

People are unhappy with the lack of face-to-face time they spend with friends and family, a study found.

The incessant march of technology is to blame, with text messaging, emailing and social networking taking over from traditional conversation, it revealed.

The research said that 95 per cent of those asked are dissatisfied with the amount of "real" time they spend with friends and family.

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Some 58 per cent prefer face-to-face above all other forms of communication. The nation's dependence on chatting online - gadget-to-gadget - is reducing the time available for socialising.

One in three (31 per cent) admit to wasting time browsing online.

The study also revealed that one in five people find managing their online accounts time consuming, while some (4 per cent) say it takes up most of their time.

The research was conducted by Nescafe Gold Blend and The Future Laboratory.