Hearts fan buries team strip under Easter Road stand

A DIE-HARD Hearts fan employed to demolish the east terrace at Easter Road has left a permanent reminder of her team beneath her rivals' noses – by burying a strip under the stand.

Lifelong Jambo Louise Burnett proudly posed for pictures as she buried a Hearts shirt and then posted them on the internet – to the chagrin of many Hibbies.

The 28-year-old demolition worker from Dalkeith was employed at Easter Road by what is understood to be her father's company, Dalkeith Demolition, when she buried the strip, along with photographs of Hearts' 2006 Scottish Cup win.

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Ms Burnett, who comes from a family of Tynecastle season ticket holders, boasted at the time how much she had enjoyed destroying the old east terrace, describing the job as "brilliant".

News of her exploits spread like wildfire around Hibs fans' online chatrooms after she posted the photos online. Some Hibs fans were clearly peeved but others found a funny side.

One fan wrote: "Just think, every time we do the Hibees bounce in the east we'll be jumping up and down on a dirty Hearts top and stamping it further into the dirt where it belongs. They're so beneath us."

Another said: "I kinda like the idea that a Hearts top and pictures are being trampled underfoot by thousands of Hibbies."

Meanwhile, one Hibs fan added: "All it shows is the absolute rage, anger, and jealousy she holds for the building of the new stand by us.

"Waiting year after year after year for a new Hearts stand and the 'hobo' team go and build one with little hassle and within a few months will have the best stadium outside Glasgow by far."

For his part, Easter Road legend Pat Stanton could see the funny side.

He said: "It doesn't bother me in the slightest, and I don't suppose it will bother many other Hibs fans either.

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"It's quite funny that someone has gone to the lengths to do such a thing. What the builders leave behind on site is up them I suppose.

"I've got a lot of good friends who are Hearts supporters and the rivalry has always been friendly.

"I would just like to look at it as a wee bit of fun, although others may see it differently."