Heart and lung transplant recipient joins the crew

CREW members and “transplant ambassadors” on board the Capital’s entry in the Clipper Round the World yacht race have been joined by a
special guest.

The Edinburgh Inspiring Capital crew, which includes kidney-transplant recipient Nick Barclay, and Justine Laymond, who had a double lung transplant, were joined by Bernadette Reid of Coleraine while moored in Londonderry last week.

Bernadette, who had a heart and double lung transplant in 2004, joined the team to highlight a shortage in transplant donors.

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The crew, of transplant patients, surgeons and specialist nursing staff, was brought together by Professor
Steven Wigmore, professor of
transplantation surgery and the clinical lead for transplantation at Edinburgh University.

They are using the yacht race to spread their message of how organ donation can transform lives.

The yacht has since set sail for the Netherlands on the last leg of the 40,000-mile circumnavigation