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Maintaining independence and dignity is the key to a happy old age
Maintaining independence and dignity is the key to a happy old age
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It is estimated that over five million people of pensionable age in the UK suffer from some type of mobility issue according to the Disabled Living Foundation. This is a sad statistic, considering that a lot of those people may not be provided with adequate products to help assist with immobility.

Expert immobility product provider, Care Superstore, says that 30% of older people are unable to carry out even the simplest of daily tasks such as cutting their own toenails.

Affordable aids can transform lives

Affordable aids can transform lives

The company, who are based in Kirkham, Lancashire provides helpful gadgets to pull up your socks, zip your zip and button your shirt - they even have long-handled scissors to help cut your toenails.

Christine, a manager from says that thankfully there are now a number of handy gadgets available on the market to assist people who need that extra bit of help. “We have everything you can think of from gadgets which open cans and jam jars to turning tricky taps and handling mugs with shaky hands” she says.

“We’re here for people who just need a little bit of help to make life easier so they can live with greater independence and dignity”.

Indeed, the prospect of help can seem unappealing to many people who suffer from immobility, or issues like incontinence. With the percentage population aged over 65 due to reach as high as 23% by 2033, according to the Disabled Living Foundation, more help will be needed to assist this group of individuals to deal with everyday tasks.

“Dignity is a word we hear about a lot from our clients.” says Christine. “If a person suffers from incontinence, it’s a taboo that people don’t like to talk about and that makes our product ideal for online shopping. People want the confidentiality. If you need pads or waterproof bedding, then you can buy these discreetly and at low-cost through Care Superstore.

Incontinence is not the only taboo. Mobility issues that require people to use the aid of a hoist, stand aid or specialist care equipment can be equally hard for some to come to terms with, which makes online shopping for these items so popular. The success of these products means business is booming; with sales of disabled equipment in the UK increasing by a staggering 9.2% over the last 10 years.

The question many will be asking is how much do these products cost? According to Christine, it depends where you choose to shop.

“Just because you have a disability or struggle with your mobility or your hearing or your sight, we don’t think you should have to pay through the nose for the things that you need, so Care Superstore is constantly scouring the world for good products at great prices”.

The company say they can also help people save money on their products by offering them 20% VAT relief on thousands of items. What’s not to like?

If you need help with daily tasks and could use some of the products mentioned above, Care Superstore have thousands of products on offer that could just make that little bit of a difference.

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