Breast cancer survivor joins Nicola Sturgeon to back checks campaign

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon
Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon
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A MOTHER who survived breast cancer is backing a new campaign encouraging people to be on the alert for the first signs of the disease.

Tricia Clark of Clydebank got together with Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon to launch the £30million Detect Cancer Early initiative.

The aim of the campaign is to improve cancer survival rates by increasing the numbers of Scots diagnosed in the earliest stages of cancer.

Ms Sturgeon said: “The earlier a cancer is diagnosed the greater the chance it can be treated successfully. More lives can be saved in Scotland through prevention of cancer and through earlier detection and better treatment and that is why we need to encourage people to see their GP as early as possible if they have any concerns.

“Breast, bowel and lung cancer are the three most common cancers in Scotland, and by diagnosing and detecting these cancers earlier, we can treat patients when their general health is better and when less aggressive treatment may be required than if the cancer had spread. This will improve survival and reap benefits for patients, their families and all of Scotland.”

Tricia Clark said she was determined not to be beaten by the disease: “My three-year-old son was all I had to live for and I’m sure he was the reason I remained so strong throughout all my treatment. I had to be around to see him grow up.

“If you find something unusual or different about your body, don’t waste any time. Make an appointment with your GP straight away. Doctors are very understanding, especially when it comes to cancer and it is best to know either way if there is something wrong.”