App helps attack victim ‘talk’ 20 years on

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A MAN who was left paralysed and brain damaged in an attack said yesterday it was “great” to be able to communicate for the first time in 20 years.

Kevin Beverley, 55, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, could only make himself understood through grunts until he discovered an iPad application that “speaks” for him.

His first words were: “At last, someone can hear me.”

Staff at the Carlton daycare centre in his hometown introduced him to the Grid Player application, which allows him to string sentences together by pressing symbols and pictures on his iPad. “I love it. I think it is good, great,” said Mr Beverley. “I can talk. I can play games.”

Mr Beverley was left severely injured after an unprovoked attack in Barnsley two decades ago.

His life-changing injuries included severe brain damage, broken bones, right-side paralysis and he also lost the ability to speak, meaning he could only communicate by making noises and gestures.