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When you’re in your late thirties, your face becomes like an old house. As soon as you get round to repairing those cracks in the windowpanes and touching up the decor, the whole thing starts subsiding.

Continuing with that DIY analogy, I decided to get re-wired, with the help of Aromatherapy Associates’ Ultimate Aroma Radiance Facial at Edinburgh’s Spa Missoni.

The USP of this treatment is that it utilises the only Aroma Radiance Lift Machine in Scotland.

This gadget passes an electrical current onto the surface of the skin, with the aim of lifting, toning and promoting radiance.

Before the treatment, my therapist, Zoe, asked which areas I’d like her to concentrate on. I pointed out my slack jawline, a Hulk-like brow and the hatching of fine lines under my eyes.

My treatment began with a regular facial routine. My skin was cleansed with Aromatherapy Associates’ herby and floral scented unguents, before my face and décolleté were thoroughly massaged, and an enzyme peel mask with pineapple extracts exfoliated my skin.

I had been slightly nervous about the machine being brought into play, so this was the perfect prep.

As I sunk deeper into relaxation, they could have wired me to the mains and I wouldn’t have noticed.

Before the lifting treatment proper, Zoe applied a rose-scented gel to the skin, which allowed her to glide two metal prongs across its surface.

At first, there is a very low current applied, to get the circulation pumping. Then, it’s gradually ramped up. At its higher levels, it’s not uncomfortable, but a bit weird.

When the wands pass near the eye socket, you can see white chevron stripes, like the ripples on a pool of water. If you have metal fillings, expect a metallic taste in your mouth when they go near your lips.

Occasionally, I could feel tiny facial muscles tightening or flickering, as Zoe clasped an area of skin, chopstick style, between the prongs. This element of the treatment lasted for around 30 minutes, before the gel was cleansed off. Then, Zoe applied an Instant Skin Firming Serum and an Overnight Repair Mask, before performing a foot massage (or you can have a neck and shoulder version).

The mask was removed, and an anti-ageing serum containing firming larch extract was applied underneath some deliciously scented Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser.

Afterwards, the biggest change in my skin was its radiance factor. I looked glowing – an effect that lasted for days afterwards.

According to Zoe, a series of treatments with gaps of a day or so will yield maximum results. However, even after one treatment, it feels like this old house has had a bit of a refurbishment.

Hotel Missoni Spa, 1 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh (0131-220 2666, Before 31 December, book this treatment and receive a free Aromatherapy Associates introductory kit worth £30.