Health Beauty and Fitness: If you’re chilled to the bone, try a trip to Pure Spa

Pure Spa
Pure Spa
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Does anyone else feel frozen to the bone? I certainly do. Even my woolliest jumper, or the highest setting on the thermostat, isn’t quite hitting the spot right now. I’ve been sitting so close to the radiator that my legs have turned fireside tartan.

Like a heat-seeking missile, I headed along to Edinburgh’s Pure, the Lothian Road spa shortlisted for Beauty Salon of the Year at the Professional Beauty Awards 2013.

However, as the manicures, facials and beauty treatments offered at its potentially prize-winning outlet aren’t toasting my cockles right now, I thought I’d pay a visit to its Ocean Terminal branch instead, in order to test out its Top to Toe Christmas package.

This kicks off with a 30-minute stint in the infrared sauna, intended to increase circulation and help with weight loss and detoxification.

I enjoyed sitting solo in the small wooden cabin, situated in a darkened room – with Paolo Nutini and his ilk playing on the stereo – simply because I felt toasty warm for the first time since November hit.

Don’t stay in too long, though. I popped out every five minutes or so, for a drink of water and to pat myself down with cold water at the sink (there’s also a shower in this room, for a thorough cool down).

The next element is a ten-minute Foot Nourishing Treatment. Tootsies, desiccated after a couple of months enclosed in thick socks and boots, are scrubbed, massaged and moisturised.

Then, after a quick inhalation of lavender-scented steam, it’s time for a 30-minute hot stone back massage.

This was particularly beneficial, as my muscles were more yielding than they might have usually been, thanks to the earlier heat treatment.

The package is topped off by a 30-minute Elemis Booster Facial. My dehydrated, winter-chafed skin was treated with a Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser, then Ginseng Toner, a rather invigorating Skin Buff exfoliator and an Exotic Cream Moisturising Mask, before a thick layer of Maximum Moisture Day Cream was slathered on to protect my skin from the elements.

Afterwards, you’re invited to hang out in their relaxation room for an unlimited time (within reason; 48 hours is probably not OK) and drink herbal tea, while reading glossy magazines, as snug as a bug in a rug.

I hung around for ages, in my cosy duvet of a dressing gown, since I felt so cosseted.

This package is better than any hot toddy.

Pure Spa, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh (0131-561 1320,