Health: Australian Bodycare’s Hy-Wax system helps prevent infections

Say goodbye to waxing infections with a wizard idea from Oz. Picture: Getty
Say goodbye to waxing infections with a wizard idea from Oz. Picture: Getty
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THERE’S been a lot of talk about the double dip lately. Not the recession – though that’s bad enough.

No, I’m talking about the unpleasant phenomenon that occurs in waxing; specifically, when a therapist uses one spatula to apply the product on to the skin, repeatedly dipping it back into the warm wax pot, rather than using a new spatula each time.

So, while most people agree that waxing is the most effective method of removing unwanted hair, it also carries with it a risk of passing on bacterial, viral and fungal infections. The results are far from pretty. In the United States recently a woman was hospitalised after developing a high fever within 24 hours of having a Brazilian wax. Five days later, and still in agony, she was diagnosed with cellulitis, a potentially life-threatening infection brought on by her wax 

I think we’re all agreed that no amount of smooth skin makes this sort of thing worthwhile. Which is why it seems quite incredible that Australian Bodycare’s new Hy-Wax system hasn’t been thought of previously. It’s so incredibly simple.

The tubes of wax are kept at the correct temperature in a digital heater, and a fresh, hygienically sealed disposable head is attached for each new client. The design also includes an anti flow-back system, which means no wax can get back into the tube after it has come into contact with the skin, thus eliminating any risk of cross-infection.

Other than that, the waxing experience is pretty much the same as any other. It begins with cleansing the skin, then the therapist applies the wax.

Because of the unique delivery 
system, she’s able to get more on my leg at once, so the entire front half is covered, then strips applied to remove the hair.

A speedy turnover and she gets the back half done, before applying cooling, antibacterial tea tree cream, which further reduces any risk of infection.

It’s quick, easy and ... okay, I can’t tell you it’s completely painless. This is waxing, after all. But I have smooth legs (the therapist recommended leaving growth for two weeks following shaving for the best results from a waxing treatment) and peace of mind that I won’t be picking up someone else’s fungal infection anytime soon.

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