Number of flu cases in Scotland rises for third straight week

The number of flu cases in Scotland have risen for the third week in a row, according to official statistics.

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Decision taken to implement new GP contract

New GP contract approved after backing from profession

The BMA’s Scottish GP Committee (SGPC) has today taken the decision to implement the proposed new GP contract for Scotland, following strong backing in a poll of the profession.

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Celtic and Rangers are both sponsored by betting firms. Picture: SNS

Health fears over surge in football betting sponsorship

There has been a huge rise in football shirt advertising by betting companies leading to public health concerns, research by the University of Glasgow and Healthy Stadia has reveale

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The take-up of the flu vaccine has been too low (Picture: SWNS)

Kevan Christie: This year’s flu isn’t Australian

The current furore around the outbreak of so-called Aussie flu has led to outlandish comparisons with the Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918 which claimed the lives of around 50 million people.

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Scottish Association for Mental Health launch report at Wallace High School in Stirling

Two-thirds of teachers in Scotland do not feel they have received sufficient training in mental health

A survey by a leading mental health charity has revealed major concerns among teachers in Scotland over the training they have received to cope with the demands of pupils with mental health issues.

Richard Meade is Marie Curies Head of Policy and Public Affairs Scotland

Richard Meade: Who cares for the carers in their time of need?

For family and friends, caring for someone living with a terminal illness who is approaching the end of their life can be one of the most ­challenging and difficult times. Yet they often do not get the help they need.

Jennifer Ure Stewart and her son Luke

Mother in treatment fund appeal for terminally-ill son

The mother of a terminally-ill youngster given just months to live has made a heartfelt appeal for money as funds for his treatment are set to run out.

Flu rates across Scotland have risen steeply, putting hospitals under pressure. Picture: TSPL

Scottish A&E wait times soar to new high as flu rates jump

Waiting times in Scotland’s accident and emergency units have soared to a new high as 470 people spent more than 12 hours there in just one week.

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A draft national strategy document says Scots have a responsibilty to tackle isolation through acts of kindness. Picture: TSPL

Speak to your neighbours to reduce loneliness, Scots told

People should speak to their neighbours more often and reconnect with old friends as part of efforts to reduce the impact of loneliness on society, the Scottish Government has said.

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Sheltered housing residents in Glasgow could face changes to alarm system.

‘Press button if still alive’ plan for OAPs is ‘dangerous’

Pensioners living in sheltered housing will have to ‘press a button’ every day to let carers know they are still alive.

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Picture: Getty

Boris Johnson says NHS £350 million Brexit pledge was 'underestimated.

Boris Johnson has said the Brexit campaign's highly controversial claim that leaving the European Union would mean Britain gets £350 million extra a week to spend on the NHS was an underestimate.

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NHS Scotland pays £193m in compensation over five years

Medical negligence payments paid out annually by NHS Scotland have risen four-fold in the past decade, new figures have revealed.

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NHS Lothian was one of the top health boards for medical negligence pay outs

NHS Lothian paid out almost £33m for medical mistakes

NHS Lothian has emerged as one of the top three health boards in Scotland for medical negligence pay outs.

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Onions in bedsocks is not an effective cold remedy (Picture: SWNS)

Leader comment: The wisdom of ‘old wives’

Most of us have heard of ‘home remedies’ for a variety of ailments, dismissing some as nonsense while insisting others are true.

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Flu rates across Scotland have risen steeply, putting hospitals under pressure. Picture: TSPL

The nation’s most popular medical myths revealed

Wearing socks with onions in them overnight to help a cold and rubbing butter onto a burn are among the most common health myths believed by people, according to a survey of the nation’s favourite old wives’ tale cures.

Craig Speirs has been chosen to help launch World Cancer Day 2018 in Scotland. Picture: PA

Father who fast-tracked his wedding makes cancer vow

A Scottish father who brought his wedding forward by a year after he was diagnosed with a rare cancer is backing a new fundraising campaign.

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John Swinney Deputy First Minister and Shona Robison Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport

Brian Monteith: Time the SNP stopped dodging NHS responsibilty

The SNP must stop making excuses and start accepting responsibility for state of the NHS, writes Brian Monteith.

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Researchers in Germany found men over 65 were fitter because of DIY and gardening

Helen Martin: Oi! Scientists! Housework is just as strenuous as DIY

German medical research, spanning several countries including the UK, say men over 65 stay fitter because they do DIY and gardening, while women do “routine cleaning and cooking” for hours on end which “is not very physically active”.

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Lauren Taylor. Picture: PA Photo/Lauren Taylor.

Eight things I learned going booze-free for a month

1) People think it’s a bit wierd and will try to break you

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