Heading to climate summit, Greenpeace visits the capital

THE Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior docked in Edinburgh on the way to the UN climate summit in Copenhagen.

Visitors could take tours of the ship while it was at the Cruise Liner berth outside Ocean Terminal, Leith, over the weekend.

Next week world leaders will gather for the two-week conference in Copenhagen to try to thrash out an agreement on how to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

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In the past few days the world's biggest polluters have stepped forward with pledges for tackling their emissions, while Prime Minister Gordon Brown has proposed a fund of $10 billion (6.07bn) to kick-start support for poor countries to deal with climate change and break the deadlock on a new agreement.

But environmental campaigners say more needs to be done to secure a deal that will steer the world away from climate change.

More than 60 world leaders will attend the conference, which begins on 7 December.