Handy guide on how to avoid a bad hair day at the salon

According to website beauty-advices.com, tips for a top haircut include:

• Choose a hairdresser who will listen to what you want and will make honest suggestions to you about your hair.

• Ask them how long they have been doing hair. Find out what their experience is and if they have had any special training. Some hairdressers are not properly trained to do certain types of hair. If you have very curly hair, you should choose someone who has experience in working with curly hair.

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• Some hairdressers may have a portfolio of their work, ask to see it. Does their work only include certain hairstyles? Does the hairdresser have experience in different techniques?

• Once you have selected a hairdresser, schedule an appointment for just a style; a shampoo and blowdry. This will give you the opportunity to see how they handle your hair. If you like the outcome, schedule a trim for the next visit.

• Look at their hair. You don't want to choose a hairdresser who has damaged, dirty or poorly maintained hair. Is the hairdresser professional looking?

• When trying a new hairdresser it is important they pay attention to detail. Do they listen when you ask for just a trim, or do they just cut the hair before instructions are given? A good hairdresser should stay focused on their client. They should not use the phone while working on a clients hair. Someone, such as a receptionist, should take a message stating that the hairdresser is busy with another client.