Guides call for action on airbrushing

A GROUP of Girl Guides have delivered a petition to Downing Street calling for honesty over airbrushed images in the media.

The 25,000-signature petition urged Prime Minister David Cameron to introduce compulsory labelling to distinguish between airbrushed and natural images "in order to shape a generation of self-confident girls and young women".

It followed a survey by Girlguiding UK which found that half of 16 to 21-year-old girls would consider having surgery to change the way they looked.

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Gemma Hallatt, an 18-year-old Guide, said: "We are pleased that so many people have supported our petition calling for a kitemark to distinguish between airbrushed and natural images.

"We each know from our own experience that the airbrushed images that you see in magazines and on advertising boards can really affect the self confidence of girls and young women.

"Most of us have no idea how significantly these pictures are altered and are shocked when they realise that the images they have of celebrities and models are not a reality.

"Although the petition has now been handed in, we will continue to push for honesty over which images have been altered."