Greens 'pointed out problem of empty homes a year ago'

THE issue of more than 1000 private homes lying empty could have been resolved a year ago, the Green party has said.

Party officials in Edinburgh pointed out 12 months ago the worryingly high levels of unsellable homes which were also proving difficult to let out. Councillor Steve Burgess said that they could be put to better use.

The Evening News revealed at the weekend that there are currently 1300 homes which have been vacant for more than six months in the city.

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Cllr Burgess said: "Wherever there is a single home lying empty which could be put to better use, this is waste of resources and casts a doubt over the need to use precious greenspace or open land for new housing.

"I recognise that, at any one time, there will be empty homes as people move around. That is why I called for action on properties left empty for more than six months."