Google unveils special ‘doodle’ to celebrate St Andrew’s Day

The St Andrew's Day Google doodle. Picture: Google
The St Andrew's Day Google doodle. Picture: Google
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Google is celebrating St Andrew’s Day with a special ‘doodle’ featuring a procession of national icons and symbols.

The search engine’s design is led by the unicorn - Scotland’s national animal and a heraldic symbol in Scotland since the 12th century, when it graced William I’s coat of arms.

The unicorn is also wreathed in the thistle, Scotland’s national flower, with the design completed by the Saltire flag, also known as the Cross of St Andrew.

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Among the other elements within the doodle are the Loch Ness monster, a red deer stag and a trio of bluebells.

St Andrew’s Day is an official Scottish national holiday which is marked with traditional food, music, dance and cultural events.

Google said the design’s elements each had “a special link” to Scotland’s “rich heritage and mythology”.