‘Good neighbour’ judge catches housebreaker

ONE of Scotland’s top judges has helped collar a burglar he caught breaking into a neighbour’s home.

Lord Reed, from Trinity, who sits on the UK’s highest court, the Supreme Court, confronted the man after he spotted him “sneaking about.”

More used to fighting crime from behind bench, he said that he was just being a “good neighbour” after he heard a house alarm go off whilst out gardening. The intruder had managed to break into the property, however he soon fled empty-handed after being confronted.

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After the incident Lord Reed said: “I challenged him and he didn’t have a satisfactory explanation, so I reported it to the police and a person was detained.

“It wasn’t derring-do. It was just being a good neighbour and I hope it’s the sort of thing anyone would do.”

Police said they have arrested a man in connection with an alleged break-in on the street.