Goldie chosen to join Cameron's Cabinet

DAVID Cameron has installed Annabel Goldie in his shadow Cabinet in London as part of his strategy to bring Holyrood and Westminster closer together.

Goldie, below, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, will attend shadow Cabinet meetings once a month as the Tories attempt to build stronger links between Edinburgh and London in the run-up to the General Election.

She will become the first Scottish Tory leader regularly to attend meetings of the shadow Cabinet, where she will be a shadow first minister.

The break with tradition is another indication of Cameron's desire to make devolution work more effectively and also shows his determination to ensure that he increases the number of Tory politicians at Holyrood and Westminster.

Cameron has been fiercely critical of the fractious relationship between SNP ministers in Edinburgh and the UK Labour Government. He has pledged to work closely with the SNP if he defeats Labour at the General Election.

Goldie said: "Gordon Brown and Alex Salmond do not meet with each other to stand up for the people of Scotland. David Cameron and I will."