Gleneagles rail improvements given green light ahead of 2014 Ryder Cup

Gleneagles railway station.
Gleneagles railway station.
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PLANNING officials are recommending the go ahead for major transport improvements at Gleneagles railway station as part of the preparations for staging the Ryder Cup in Perthshire in 2014.

• Major improvements to Gleneagles railway station have been proposed

• New link road, modification to roundabout and bigger car park recommended

• Changes recommended ahead of Ryder Cup 2014 in Gleneagles

Perth and Kinross Council is proposing the construction of a new link road, modifications to the existing roundabout, and the enlargement of the existing car park at the station.

Part of the work will also involve the demolition of a historic footbridge at the station to allow the improvements to be implemented.

Nick Brian, the council’s Development Quality Manager, states in a report to next Wednesday’s meeting of the development management committee: “The B listed Gleneagles Railway Station will be enhanced to provide additional and improved facilities for rail travellers and commuters. At the same time, Perth and Kinross Council’s Roads Design Team proposes to construct a new access road to the station, allowing the existing access off the A9 to be stepped up.

“At present, the only vehicle access to the railway station is directly off the A9 trunk road. The existing access and junction is considered to be substandard given the lack of acceleration and deceleration lanes for motorists entering and exiting the station access road.This has led to concerns about road safety for buses and other local traffic users, but particularly pedestrians and cyclists who must cross the A9 to access the station.

“The new link road and will enable two substandard junctions and two central reserve gaps on the A9 to be closed. “

Mr Brian claims that the development will lead to improvements to safety and a reduction in casualties and better and safer public transport access to the area for tourists and visitors, in anticipation of the Ryder Cup.

He continues: “The footbridge does not provide enough headroom for the proposed works to the road surface level and to accommodate double decker buses. A Listed Building application has also been submitted for the removal of the B listed footbridge.

“After the closure of the Crieff branch and its associated platforms in the 1960s, the linking footbridge was blocked off at both ends and became redundant. It has not been maintained and is in poor condition. The removal of the footbridge will impact negatively on the special interest of the station, in terms of a significant removal of original fabric and alteration to the original design intention. However it is considered that this is outweighed by the wider economic and community benefits of the proposal for the new link road.”