Glaswegians post messages to Donald Trump in George Square

Glaswegians have created a hilarious wall of anti-Trump jibes in the heart of the city.

The signs were posted on railings in George Square. Picture: Twitter/ItsDelbert

Ahead of today’s US presidential election, a collection of posters slamming the billionaire businessman have appeared in Glasgow’s George Square.

The handwritten sheets of paper contain various comical quips about the Republican party nominee which have been stuck on temporary fencing within the city’s famous landmark.

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Glasweigan Comedian Janey Godley held an anti-Trump rally on Sunday which resulted in the protest posters being left on the metal fencing.

In one photo, a woman wearing a sombrero can be seen in front of the posters, in a nod to Trump’s plan to erect a wall along the border between Mexico and the US.

The unique Scottish sense of humour shines through with Trump described as an “edjit”, “numpty” and “bawbag” amongst others.

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The majority of the signs are written in bold, black lettering against white paper and were spotted by local amateur photographer, Alisdair Woodburn.

One sign simply stated: “Trump’s a bawbag!” Another says: “Trumpty numpty.”

Another A4 sheet describes in as a “See you next Tuesday,” whilst one reads: “Tom says Trump is a smelly nappy baby.”

A more serious poster is written in red, white and blue, featuring a Scottish and American flag and says: “History and your kids will ask, why, why, why?”

Other offerings from the Glasgow public include a poster which says: “No p*y grabbers for President,” and another which states: “If Trump gets elected, we’re deid.”

One asks: “Doesn’t Trump mean fart?” and another person has written: “Trump is gash.” One features a drawing of the businessman with the caption: “Shoosh Trump.”

Alasdair, who discovered the protest whilst out in the city, shared his images on Facebook and said: “Glaswegians don’t sit on the fence, they write on the fence.

“Whether or not you agree with the sentiment and views expressed on this display about Donald Trump in George Square, you have to appreciate the Glasgow sense of humour.”

Speaking about the display, he said: “I enjoyed the Glaswegian humour. It put a major world event into context.”

America goes to the polls today to vote on its 45th President. Trump’s rival, Democrat Hillary Clinton is ahead in most of the polls however the gap between the pair has closed in recent weeks.