Glasgow graffiti hits out at price of Freddo bars

HERE at The Scotsman, we remember the halcyon days when the likes of Space Raiders and Taz chocolate bars cost just 10 pence.

Freddo chocolate bars cost 25p and a lot of people aren't taking it too well. Picture: Contributed

And judging by the various Facebook pages and comments across social media, the Scottish public are pining for those days too.

This image of graffiti on a wall in Glasgow demonstrates just how hard some people are taking the news that the Freddo chocolate bars are now priced at 25 pence.

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Jokingly used by some as an indication of the level of inflation in the UK, Freddo chocolate bars have long been the cause of great consternation.

Comments on internet forums range from “I’d pay 25p for a Taz bar. A little begrudgingly, but I’d fork it over” to “I remember going to the shop with 50 pence, getting a decent size Mars bar, a decent size bag of beef monster munch, and a tin of Top Deck limeade and lager.

“And still getting change for a quarter of rosy apples at the shop down the road.”

But one user on Reddit, astrolabe, believes they have the answer, writing: “Have you considered that maybe everything in the universe is slowly expanding, except for confectionary?”

Just don’t get us started on Chomp and Fudge bars.