Give new Doctor a chance

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In August 2005, I wrote to defend David Tennant from the criticisms of George Kerevan. I said perhaps Mr Kerevan should wait until Tennant had started in the role of Dr Who before making any judgments. Tennant has now been voted one of the most popular Doctors of all time and is handing his sonic screwdriver over to actor Matt Smith.

Of course, there has been a media frenzy, with practically every national tabloid screaming "Who??". But the casting of Smith is a stroke of genius: he will not bring any "star personality" with him that perhaps a "name" would have, but he seems utterly committed, and I have to say he does have an other-worldly look to him.

When Tom Baker took over the role, he came fresh as a labourer from a building site. Now, he is the definitive Doctor. Leave Smith alone, give him space to explore and discover the character this nation has loved for 46 years. Long may the Doctor continue, battling Daleks, Cybermen and the media.


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