Girl’s sips of cola save her life each day

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A ONE-YEAR-OLD girl is having her life saved every day by tiny sips of cola.

Amy-Rose Todd, from Penicuik, was born eight weeks premature with ten potentially deadly health problems.

She needed immediate life-saving surgery because her oesophagus, which carries food from the mouth, was attached to her windpipe instead of her stomach.

But the scar tissue from the op puts her at risk of choking to death every time she eats.

Now her mum, Amanda Hendry, 28, and dad Jonathan Todd, 29, give her sips of cola to help avoid a tragedy.

Amanda said: “Normally if something got stuck it would be a trip up to the Sick Kids hospital.

“She would go a funny colour and her lips would turn blue. But if I give her a tiny sip of cola it unblocks it.

“The bubbles either help push the food down or make her sick and it stops her from choking.”

Amy-Rose was born with Vacterl syndrome, a rare condition affecting one in 40,000 babies and causing a combination of deadly defects. Her left kidney needs to be removed and parts of her spine are fused together.

But Amanda said: “She is such a happy, smiley little girl. Nothing fazes her. I am so proud to be her mummy.”