'Ghostbusters' drive out mysterious presence

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GHOSTBUSTERS have discovered a "mysterious presence" in a city bar following reports from workmen who said they were too scared to complete nightshifts alone.

Teams of hunters were called into Ghillie-Dhu, on Rutland Place, yesterday morning to search for spirits.

A spokeswoman for the bar said: "They did uncover a mysterious presence, but are confident they have driven it out and there will be no more unexplained activity."

The former church has been lying empty for around five years after closing as a casino.

It was built in 1843 as the St Thomas's Episcopal Church, which was later rebuilt on Glasgow Road in 1938.

But it is thought a few spirits may have been left behind when workmen, who have been renovating the building, reported unexplained noises and sightings, as well as tools going missing.

Many refused to work nightshifts because of the problem, prompting management to "double-up" teams to ensure staff were not alone