General election 2017: Parties set to resume campaigns

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour will resume campaigning tomorrow. Pic: Danny Lawson
Jeremy Corbyn's Labour will resume campaigning tomorrow. Pic: Danny Lawson
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The main political parties will resume campaigning in the general election on Friday following a cessation of activity for the Manchester bombing – although Ukip will press ahead with its manifesto launch on Thursday.

National campaigning has been suspended since Monday’s terrorist attack which killed 22 people.

The SNP, Conservatives and Labour in Scotland have said they will resume their national campaign events tomorrow, although some low-key local campaigning will get under way today.

The Scottish Greens announced yesterday they would be postponing their manifesto launch from Friday, with the event now expected next week.

A spokesman for the party said the decision had been taken “due to ongoing sensitivities following the Manchester concert attack”.

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The SNP confirmed on Twitter that it would be resuming low-key local campaigning today before its national campaign starts again tomorrow. There is no confirmation when the party’s manifesto will be launched – the event was due to take place on Tuesday, but was postponed.

Announcing Labour’s plans, leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “The British people are united in their resolve that terror will not prevail. It will not prevent us going about our daily lives or derail our democratic process.

“Resuming democratic debate and campaigning is an essential mark of the country’s determination to defend our democracy and the unity that the terrorists have sought to attack.”

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The Scottish leaders’ debate which had been scheduled to happen last night, broadcast by STV, is being re-scheduled with no new date confirmed.

Ukip became the first party to say it would be resuming its national campaign when leader Paul Nuttall announced yesterday he would be unveiling his party’s manifesto today.

He said: “We cannot be cowed or allow our way of life to be undermined by those who wish to do us harm.

“The best response we can make is to ensure that the democratic process continues and therefore I have decided that we must to go ahead with the launch of the Ukip general election manifesto.”