Gang wars with balletic grace

On the Waterfront ****PleasanceON THE Waterfront is a beautifully realised production of the story first told in the 1954 multi-Oscar-winning film of the same name featuring Marlon Brando.

This stylish and stylised version of the story captures all the elegance of the original film while still making the story feel wholly relevant today.

Steven Berkoff's production uses a stark stage and a monochrome palette to capture the bleak futility of these men's existence. It also gives a striking cinematic quality.

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The strong cast make a brilliant ensemble, welcoming and menacing by turns. Simon Merrells is thrillingly convincing as Terry, the boxer turned bum, caught in the grip of a system he has fallen into and increasingly frustrated as he tries to find a way out.

John Forgeham is chilling as Johnny Friendly, turning with alarming speed from cheerful companionship to furious rage. Coral Beed is a poignant Edie, captivated despite her best intentions by the defiant contender.

This is a gripping production of this classic tale. Berkoff's direction captures all of the animalistic camaraderie of gang warfare but with an extraordinary balletic grace.

• Until August 25